Friday, 11 January 2008

Furtado married?

NELLY FURTADO has wed her partner DEMACIO CASTELLON, according to reports.

The Maneater star was recently spotted showing off a new diamond ring at a Christmas party in Miami, Florida, sparking reports the couple had tied the knot.

Marriage rumors about Furtado and her 29-year-old beau were fueled after singer Natasha Bedingfield congratulated the couple during a gig earlier this week (begs17Dec07)

Miley's Dubious Double, Zac Dissed

The powers-that-be behind the wholesome juggernaut that is Miley Cyrus have learned an important lesson: Never underestimate a tween's ability to spot shenanigans. Over the last few days, disgruntled fans and conspiracy theorists have been dissecting video footage that shows the Satan-wary "Hannah Montana" starlet, 15, disappearing offstage while performing "We Got the Party," only to be replaced for a short time by a dancing doppelganger (see the video here -- jump to the 2:23 mark). Perhaps sensing an impending disaster in which Cyrus' obvious stand-in is pelted with Stridex pads and strawberry-flavored Bonne Bell lip balm hurled by irate, prepubescent ticket holders, her rep decided to come clean on the duplicity. "To help speed the transition from Hannah to Miley, there is a production element during the performance of 'We Got the Party' incorporating a body double for Miley," the mouthpiece explains to OK!. "After Hannah has completed the featured verse on the duet with the Jonas Brothers, a body double appears approximately 1 to 2 minutes prior to the end of the song in order to allow Miley to remove the Hannah wig and costume and transform into Miley for her solo set." The flack then attempts to reassure her now-trust-issue-plagued fans: "Other than during this very brief transitional moment in the show, Miley performs live during the entirety of both the Hannah and Miley segments of the concert."

Obama, Clinton Go for Black Vote in SC

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — In beauty shops, churches and living rooms, organizers for Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are in a fierce competition for the support of black voters in the upcoming first-in-the-South presidential primary.

Obama's campaign is counting on blacks who traditionally make up half of the Democratic primary voters here to deliver the state to him on Jan. 26, a victory that he hopes will help fuel momentum going into the "Mega Tuesday" voting in 22 states 10 days later. But he'll have to fend off Clinton, who comes with one of the most beloved political surnames in the black community.

The outreach is especially targeted at black women, who are reliable voters and who both campaigns recognize may feel loyalties to each candidate. And so far women have made the difference in the campaign — Obama won a majority of women in Iowa and took the state, while Clinton took most women and most votes overall in New Hampshire.

Juanita Edwards is one such voter. She came to see both candidates when they campaigned near her hometown of Simpsonville and still feels torn about which to vote for. Edwards said she's leaning toward Clinton because she likes that she had exposure to international affairs and health care during her time as first lady. But race and gender are on her mind too.

"I definitely respect the opportunity to vote for the first woman president and the first African-American president," she said. "If I have to lean toward one, I always lean toward a strong, intelligent woman."

In the early days of the primary race last year, Clinton had the advantage in polls here and she's won over many influential black leaders. But Obama has been able to turn that around through a labor-intensive effort aimed at black communities. He has a large campaign staff that tries to win over preachers and barbers who hold sway in the community, and those organizers also hold meetings with small groups of people — mostly women — in their homes.

The message has a different focus than it did in Iowa and New Hampshire, where almost all voters are white. It stresses Obama's civil rights work, his faith and the struggles he faced growing up, only to end up in Ivy League schools.

"Dream of a president who was raised like Barack was by a single mom who had to work and go to school and raise her kids and accept food stamps once in a while," the candidate's wife, Michelle Obama, said on a visit to the state in November. "Imagine a president who knows what that's like."

It's a story that Deborah Williams says she shares with the two sons that she's raised on her own.

"He's an example of somebody who was raised by a single parent and came out on top and still cares for somebody else," she said. "That's what I always tell my sons; you have to care for others and you have to get your education."

Williams, who came to the University of Charleston on Thursday to see Obama speak, said she will vote for him in the primary, even though at first she was backing Clinton.

"Initially I was supporting her because I must say I'm a Bill Clinton fan," said Williams, an elementary school teacher's assistant. "But then Barack came along and had all the things to say about change."

John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, endorsed Obama here on Thursday to send a message to South Carolina voters that Obama is not simply a candidate for blacks, but one who crosses the racial divide. It also could tell black voters who haven't been reassured by Obama's win in Iowa that he's a candidate who can be embraced by white America.

The Clintons have yet to announce a visit to South Carolina after her win in New Hampshire, and Obama advisers say they wonder whether she's going to campaign in the state. There's a theory that she could skip it, then argue that he was able to win because it was a predominantly black election.

Clinton adviser Minyon Moore said that won't happen. "It's her intention to be in South Carolina and work for every vote there," Moore said. "I can assure you that she's not abandoning South Carolina. There are trips being planned."

Asked how Obama was able to chip away at Clinton's lead among black voters, Moore pointed to a rally last month that drew nearly 30,000 to see the Illinois senator and his most famous friend. "He did have a lovely event with Oprah Winfrey, and we do credit him with that," she said.

Obama advisers say it's unlikely Oprah will make it back to campaign. But spouses of both candidates could help. Bill Clinton would be a powerful draw should the campaign decide to send him. Michelle Obama plans to campaign next week in Georgetown, S.C., her maternal grandfather's hometown.

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Excitement and freshness has died down in Indian Idol: Amit Sana

Amit Sana who lost to Abhijeet Sawant in the finals of ‘Indian Idol 1’ is back with a new album 'Yaadein'. The Bhillai boy says he wants to concentrate on his album and then he will think of playback in a real way. Let’s read what Amit has to say about his album and other things.

Q. First of all, we will like to know about the album.....
A. The name of the album is 'Yaadein'. The music and lyrics have been given by different musicians and lyricists. The album is very romantic, I feel. It has eight songs out of which five are original and three are remixes.

It has all moods of love. One song in the album is a little Arabic. I feel the youngsters will be able to relate to the songs.

Q. What is the theme of your album? Going by the glimpses of the video it looks a little sad.....
A. (Stresses) No, it is not sad at all. It is more on the emotional side. It deals with the relation of the boy and girl on the emotional side when they miss each other, the songs deal with the different aspects of love not only the sad part.

Q. The video of your album looks classy; we will like to know who is behind it and what was your thought process while deciding on this type of video?
A. There was a song of Enrique Iglesias, 'Somebody's me' that came recently, I listen to him a lot and we were planning to make a video with a Latin look because my skin tone is dark.

We were planning a similar look for our video and the mood of this song. 'Yaadein' matched and we made this video. The video is directed by Raj Pindulkar. We had many ideas, but finalized this concept.

Q. What do you say about ‘Asian Idol’? Was Abhijeet Sawant's choice correct?
A. See, ‘Asian Idol’ was a program where all the winners from different Asian countries were invited to participate.

Here they had planned a competition between the three winners of ‘Indian Idol’, but some how the competition could not be held due to date problems. So, they send the first winner Abhijeet.

Q. What do you think is the reason that the benefits reaped by the three the finalists of first ‘Indian Idol’ got is more than that of the winners of ‘Indian Idol- 2 and 3’ ?
A. This year the response has been very good and everybody is getting benefited.

I would say that ‘Indian Idol’ had started that year and every body was eager and there was a lot of suspense but after that many shows on the same pattern came and the excitement level of the audiences died down as all the shows were following almost the same format and there was no freshness.

And it is always said that the first one makes a special impact and is not comparable.

Q. Will you like to tell us about the songs of the album?
A. As I said, the album has eight songs of which five are original and the other three are remixes of the originals..

'Yaadein' with music by Sufian and lyrics by Hanif Sheikh has a painful feeling.'Woh ho Tum' depicts a healthy relationship where they are missing each other. 'Khalish' deals with misunderstanding, where both the boy and girl are missing each other.

The fourth song has an element of 'Masti' where they tease each other. This has a little flavor of Arabic and here the boy sees the girl in her college or school, but when he comes home then also he sees her everywhere.

Q. Which song from your collection do you consider to be the best?
A. It is difficult to say because there are many and every song I sing is close to my heart. I would say 'Yaadein' from my album and the song that will come after that. The song in 'Kalyug' was also successful.

Q. Name one song….
A. Then I would say ‘Yaadein’ from this album. I consider it to be the best amongst the songs sung by me.

Q. What is happening with your playback singing these days?
A. I sang in a few films like 'Kalyug' and 'Delhi Heights'. I have sung in the film 'Ek Tha Deewana.' Madhavan and Dino Morea are in the film. I am not sure about it. The real thing is that I am concentrating on my album as I want people to know my strengths and what I can sing and what suits my voice.

Q. What, according to you, is the reason that listeners should buy your album?
A. I had said many things during 'Indian idol' and my brother had also said so. I think to know how much I have been able to fulfill those, they should buy one copy of my album. I have tried to give my best.

My attempt is to give something really good to my listeners. I have made songs that people will like to listen to at least 100 times and songs that they will relate to.

I am saying I have tried because at last all depends on the listeners whether they like it or not but I will say I have enjoyed composing and they are close to my heart. I feel people should buy the album to try it out at least.

Q. When is the launch of your album?
A. The date is not fixed till now, but probably we will launch it on January 17.

Musharraf Says He Will Resign/leave

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has said any unilateral action by U.S.-led coalition forces against militants in the border region with Afghanistan will be regarded as an invasion, a newspaper reported on Friday.
Musharraf told Singapore's The Straits Times that Islamabad will resist any entry by coalition forces in the tribal areas to hunt down Islamic militants, regarding that as a breach of Pakistan's sovereignty.

"I challenge anybody coming into our mountains. They would regret the day," he told the newspaper in an interview conducted in the garrison city of Rawalpindi.

Musharraf also told the newspaper he would resign if a government that emerged from elections, now scheduled for next month, sought his impeachment.

Pakistan has been under pressure from Washington to stamp out al Qaeda and pro-Taliban militants U.S. officials believe are hiding in remote regions along the border with Afghanistan and fomenting violence there.

The New York Times said earlier this month the U.S. government was considering expanding the authority of the CIA and the military to conduct aggressive covert operations in Pakistan.

Pakistan officials dismissed the report at the time and said Islamabad would not permit any such action.

Musharraf also criticized U.S. Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton's proposal to deploy a U.S., and possibly a British, team to safeguard Pakistan's nuclear assets.

Her statement, Musharraf said, was an "intrusion into our privacy, into our sensitivity ... She doesn't seem to understand how well-guarded these assets are."

International concern about the safety of Pakistan's nuclear weapons has been increasing, and earlier this week, Mohamed Elbaradei, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, was quoted as saying he feared the nuclear arsenal could pass into the hands of extremists.

Musharraf is also under fire at home.

The Pakistan People's Party led by Benazir Bhutto until her assassination last month has been attacking him over her killing while Nawaz Sharif, another former premier, has demanded his immediate resignation and the formation of an all-party government to conduct free and fair elections.

"If impeachment were their intention and they don't want to go along in a harmonious manner, I would like to quit the scene," Musharraf said when asked what would happen if Bhutto's party emerged a winner in the elections and mounted a bid to oust him with the support of Sharif's party.

"If that happens, let me assure you that I would be leaving office before they would do anything."

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♥ Intresting Uses Of Coca Cola ♥


Clean a toilet bowl. Pour a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl. Let the real thing sit for one hour, then brush and flush clean. The phosphoric acid in Coke removes stains from vitreous china, according to household-hints columnist Heloise.

Remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers. Rubbing the bumper with a crumpled-up piece of Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil dipped in Coca-Cola will help remove rust spots, according to household-hints columnist Mary Ellen.

Clean corrosion from car battery terminals. Pour a can of carbonated Coca-Cola over the terminals to bubble away the corrosion, according to Heloise.

Cook with Coca-Cola. The Coca-Cola Consumer Information Center offers a free packet of recipes including a Mustard Herb Dressing (an Italian style salad dressing made with one-half cup of Coca-Cola), a Twin Cheese Dip (requiring three-quarter cup of Coca-Cola and doubling as a sandwich filling), and Sweet-Sour Cabbage (using one-half cup of Coca-Cola and two tablespoons of bacon drippings).

Loosen a rusted bolt. Mary Ellen suggests applying a cloth soaked in a carbonated soda to the rusted bolt for several minutes.

Bake a moist Beef. Empty a can of Coca-Cola into the baking pan, wrap the beef in aluminum foil, and bake. Thirty minutes before the beef is finished, remove the foil, allowing the drippings to mix with the Coke for a sumptuous brown gravy.

Remove grease from clothes. Empty a can of Coke into a load of greasy work clothes, add detergent, and run through a regular wash cycle. The Coca-Cola will help loosen grease stains, according to Mary Ellen.

Clean rust in a bathtub. Saturate an abrasive sponge with Coca-Cola and scrub the rust stain. The phosphoric acid in the Coke removes rust.

Clean milk stains from clothes. Saturate the milk stains with a can of Coca-Cola, let the garment sit for five minutes, then launder in your regular wash.

Make barbecue sauce. Make an excellent barbecue sauce by mixing Coca-Cola with Heinz Ketchup. Brush the mixture on chicken or ribs while grilling.

Prevent an asthma attack. If you feel the onset of an asthma attack, drink two cans of Coke. The caffeine in Coke can help thwart an asthma attack, according to the book Home Remedies from the Country Doctor.

Relieve constipation. Drinking a can of the real thing can have a laxative result.

Prevent diarrhea. When traveling through developing countries where the risk of getting diarrhea is high, drinking Coca-Cola helps minimize your chances of getting the trots, according to The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies. The acids in Coca Cola help reduce the amount of E. Coli bacteria in your intestines, inhibiting the production of toxins that would otherwise prevent your intestines from absorbing water.

Condition hair. To give your hair a great shine, pour a can of Coca Cola into your hair, working it in well, then rinse your hair with water.

Fertilize azaleas or gardenias. Watering azaleas or gardenias with Classic Coke increases the acidity in the soil, which azaleas love, and boosts plant performance. The sugar in the Coke feeds microorganisms in the soil, increasing the organic matter in the soil.

Clean eyeglasses. The phosphoric acid cleans the grunge from eyeglasses, then rinse with water.

Clean tarnished pennies. Fill a drinking glass with Coca-Cola and drop in the pennies. Let sit for one hour, then wipe clean with a soft cloth.

Strip paint off metal patio furniture. Cover the spot you wish to strip for one week with a bath towel saturated with Coca-Cola. Add more Coke every day to keep the towel wet. The paint strips right off.

Get rid of fruit flies. Use an electric drill with a one-quarter-inch bit to drill a hole in the cap of a two liter Coke bottle. Leave one inch of Classic Coke (not diet or caffeine-free) in the bottom of the bottle, and set outside. Fruit flies will crawl into the bottle to enjoy the Real Thing, but won’t be able to get back out.

Boost a compost bin. Pouring flat Coca-Cola into the compost pile helps jump start the microorganisms. The Real Thing increases the acidity and the sugar feeds the microorganisms, increasing the organic matter in the compost.

Prevent flatulence. Add a can of Coca-Cola to a pot of pinto beans when cooking to neutralize the gas.

Relieve an upset stomach, nausea, or the pangs of food poisoning. Open a can of Coca-Cola, let it sit until it goes flat (roughly thirty minutes), then drink the defizzed real thing. Coca-Cola syrup is used an elixir to cure upset stomaches, and it still works, according to The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies. Letting the bubbles out of the soda prevents the carbonation from further upsetting your stomach.

Kill slugs or snails. Fill jar lids with flat Coca-Cola and set in the garden. Slugs and snails, attracted by sweet soda, will slither into the jar lid and be killed by the acids in the Coke.

Mousse hair. Mix equal parts Coca-Cola and water in a trigger spray bottle and shake well. After getting out of the shower or bath, spray a light coat of the diluted Coke over your hair to give your locks a tousled look.

Soothe a jellyfish sting. Pouring the real thing over a jellyfish sting relieves the stinging pain. The acids in the Coke seem to neutralize the venom.

Clean blood stains from clothes. Saturate the blood stain with Coca-Cola, let sit five minutes, then launder as usual. Coke removes blood from clothing—even dried blood that has gone through the washing machine and dryer.

Soothe a sore throat. Gargle with Coca-Cola. The carbonation in the cola loosens phlegm.

Neutralize skunk odor. Pour four two-liter bottles of Coke into a bucket, sponge yourself down in shower, and rinse clean. The acids in the Coca-Cola kill skunk odor.

Jobs Before They Were Famous

Jobs Before They Were Famous

We’re bombarded with images of today’s celebs, but did you ever wonder what they were doing before their faces were splashed across the tabloids, television and Internet?

Whether just trying to pay the bills or taking that first step on the ladder of success, these celebrities all had modest starts - a far cry from the uber-celebrity, paparazzi bait they are today. Here are some of the jobs your favorite celebrities held long before superstardom.

George Clooney

Today’s hunkiest of movie heartthrobs held a smattering of odd jobs to get to where he is today. In his native Kentucky, Clooney sold men's suits and shoes and worked in department store stockrooms. He also cut tobacco, earning $3 an hour. Upon arriving in L.A., he did odd jobs for his aunt, singer-actress Rosemary Clooney, worked construction and cleaned a theater to pay for acting lessons.

Katie Couric

CBS’ perky evening anchor landed her first job as a desk assistant at ABC, where she worked for veteran news anchor Sam Donaldson.

Simon Cowell

After quitting school at the age of 16, Cowell held a series of odd jobs before landing a job in the mail room at EMI Records. “I understood instinctively that this wasn't something where you were going to get handouts. This was a job where you could fail or succeed based on your own instincts, your tenacity,” Cowell said on CNN. “So I would just drive everybody crazy from the minute I was delivering mail because I would walk into everyone's offices and tell them they should give me a better job.”

Ellen Degeneres

“I actually liked my first job. I was driving cars out of a car wash, you know, once the car comes out, you get in and you wipe it. That was exciting to me to drive the nice cars and wipe down the [dashboard] with Emerald,” Degeneres said on Larry King Live. “The worst job I ever had -- and I lasted a half a day -- was I worked in a glove factory in Atlanta, Texas. It was horrible. I was checking for too many fingers or a hole or something and gloves would just go by ... Everything I did that was a nine-to-five job I hated ... I worked in a law firm. I was a court runner. I just hated being in an office.”

Nina Garcia

Week-to-week, this regular judge and critic on television hit “Project Runway” helps decide which fashion designers are in and which are out. The Colombia native started her career in the public relations department of Perry Ellis and its then-designer Marc Jacobs. She moved on to Mirabella magazine and worked her way up the ranks until she became fashion director of Elle magazine, which is still her day job.

Faith Hill

Way before she was Mrs. Tim McGraw, selling more than 30 million records and earning countless awards, Faith Hill was trying to make it big in Nashville. Hill sold T-shirts at the renowned country music event Fan Fair, worked as a receptionist at a music-publishing company, and packaged fan merchandise for country legend Reba McEntire.

John Krasinski

Before he was making us wish he worked in our office, John Krasinski was a script intern on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.”

Oprah Winfrey

The media mogul and philanthropist began her broadcasting career while still in high school. Winfrey was an announcer at WVOL radio in Nashville.

Emeril Lagasse

Lagasse’s roots in the culinary arts started way before he coined the terms “Bam!” and “Kick it up a notch!” As a teenager, he recognized his hunger for cooking at a local Portuguese bakery in Fall River, Mass.

Ralph Lauren

He’s this year’s No. 13 on the Vanity Fair 100 list but the founder of Polo Ralph Lauren started his preppy empire with a stint in retail sales. Lauren’s first foray into apparel was working as a salesclerk at Brooks Brothers.

Jay Leno

Upon arriving in Los Angeles after graduation, the late-night funnyman wrote for the TV show “Good Times” and performed a warm-up act for singers Johnny Mathis and Tom Jones.

George Lopez

Before he played a guy working in an aircraft-parts factory, he was the guy working in an aircraft-parts factory. While trying to launch his comedy career, Lopez worked at two Van Nuys, Calif., aircraft-parts plants. "I was an expediter. That was the politically acceptable term for ‘gofer,' " Lopez told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Vince Vaughn

If Vaughn ever decides to change careers, he could probably be pretty successful going back to his first job. Before he was a “Swinger” or “Wedding Crasher,” the actor who’s known for his quick-and-slick talking performances, worked as a telemarketer in Waukegan, Ill.

Denzel Washington

Washington's mother helped him get his very first job at a local barbershop called Modernistic when he was just 11 years old. “I learned about business … Just about the value of a dollar,” Washington said on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” “I was brushing collars. I think my base salary was $11. And I could turn that into 50 if I was good.”

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