Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Giant Snakehead Fish

Giant Snakehead Fish - A SAVAGE angle added alarming than a piranha has been bent in Britain for the aboriginal time — sparking fears of a baleful invasion.

The abandoned behemothic snakehead EATS aggregate it comes beyond and has alike been appear to KILL people.

The monster — from south-east Asia — has a aperture awash with alarming teeth, can “crawl” on acreage and survive out of baptize for up to four days.

News that a 2ft case had been absorbed in an English river acquired boundless agitation amid anglers and conservationists.

An Environment Agency antecedent said aftermost night: “The acknowledgment was, ‘Oh s***’. This is the ultimate invasive breed — if it starts ancestry actuality it’s a disaster.” Angler Andy Alder bent the snakehead while application a sprat as allurement for pike on the River Witham abreast North Hykeham, Lincs.

Andy, of Lincoln, said: “It had a gob abounding of acid teeth. To be honest it looked terrifying.”

Experts who advised photos of Andy’s bolt accepted it was the predator which is on a account of breed that cannot be alien into the UK.

It is feared the angle had been banned in for an aquarium and again illegally released. Snakeheads acquired anarchy back they were begin in America in 2002, with snipers ambience up on banksides to shoot them and absolute lakes actuality berserk to annihilate them.

Ben Weir, of fishing mag Angler’s Mail, said: “In all my time of alive aural fishing I accept never heard so abounding anxious voices.”

Adult snakeheads can abound to 3ft continued and counterbalance as abundant as 44lb.

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How Tall Is Tom Cruise?

How Tall Is Tom Cruise? - In what could be the best arguable analysis in Hollywood this year, our readers accept told us that cine amateur Tom Cruise is beneath 3ft tall!

That's beneath than a alpine dog.

A amazing 35,000 of our readers claimed that, based on his cine assignment and accessible appearances, Tom Cruise is little added than a dwarf.

Tom Cruise's official acme is 5ft 7in. But the analysis of our readers says that he isn't, with alone 4 bodies voting that he was 5ft 7in tall, out of the bags who casting their vote.

A specialist in cine brilliant heights told us:

"No amount how alpine Tom claims to be, bodies aloof accumulate adage he is shorter."

In a agnate analysis in 1998, Tom Cruise was 5ft 9in.

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