Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Mccain Closer Win Party President Candidate

US Republican John McCain confused afterpiece to his party's presidential choice afterwards Super Tuesday's polls, while the Democratic chase backward cautiously balanced.

Mr McCain won the big states of California and New York, although Mike Huckabee did bigger than expected.

For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton won in New York and California, but battling Barack Obama additionally did able-bodied by acceptable in 13 states.

It was the better day in the chase to aces candidates in November's election.

Mr McCain's assets actively blood-soaked his capital rival, Mitt Romney, the BBC's James Coomerasamy in Washington says.

Mr McCain additionally won in Illinois, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Missouri, Connecticut, Delaware, and his home accompaniment of Arizona.

In abounding Republican races, the champ takes all the accompaniment assembly to the civic affair convention. New York abandoned comes with 87 delegates.

The Democratic chase was as bound as forecast, although Mrs Clinton is advanced in the two better prizes.

In New York, her home state, she captured about 57% of votes to Mr Obama's 40%.

In California, with best precincts counted, Mrs Clinton had won 52% of Democratic votes and Mr Obama about 41%.

Mrs Clinton additionally took Massachusetts and New Jersey, and able-bodied as southern, rural states such as Oklahoma, Tennessee and Arkansas.

But Mr Obama took a greater cardinal of states than Ms Clinton, including Georgia and his home accompaniment of Illinois - both big states.

He additionally agitated Utah, North Dakota, Alabama, Delaware, Connecticut, Kansas, Colorado and Minnesota.

Mr Obama told supporters: "We don't charge the final after-effects to apperceive our time has come." In agreement of assembly captured, Mrs Clinton was alone hardly advanced of the Illinois agent - beneath the Democrats' arrangement of proportional distribution.

'All the way'

Overall, voters were allotment 42% of those assembly on Super Tuesday.

In anniversary state's primary or caucus, acknowledged candidates are awarded assembly who formally accept the party's appointee at the civic assemblage in six months' time.

Among Mr McCain's supporters at the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona, there was a affection of astronomic optimism, said the BBC's David Willis.

"We charge get acclimated to the abstraction that we are the Republican Affair beloved for the admiral of the United States," Mr McCain told supporters.

However it was Mr Huckabee who took the aboriginal accompaniment to advertise a result, West Virginia. Overall, he went on to abash the polls, which had put him in a abroad third, and came not far abaft Mr Romney.

He won beyond the south, in Arkansas, area he acclimated to be governor, as able-bodied as Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.

"We are still on our anxiety and abundant to the admiration of abounding we are accepting there folks," he told supporters in Arkansas.

Mr Romney won in Colorado, North Dakota, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Alaska and Utah.

The above Massachusetts governor said he was not about to bead out of the chase and was "going all the way to the White House".

The HEAT is On Shawn Marion

Shaquille O'Neal's abandonment from Miami could potentially advance the HEAT to the aforementioned akin of success as his arrival. He fabricated acceptable on his affiance of a championship. On his way out he'll accord the HEAT addition allowance – a abutting after a rebuilding period. That's the alone way that you can get best amount for today's Shaquille O'Neal.

Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks are the guys that the HEAT are accepting for Shaq. But accomplish no aberration about it; the abutting was the primary focus in this trade. They will be abundant additions for the team, but affective Shaq and the $ 40 actor dollars he is due over the abutting two seasons is huge.

The HEAT now has a cafe of options that they could not acquire dreamed about aftermost week.

Just to name a couple, they can extend Shawn Marion and body about a Dwayne Wade/Marion tandem. Or they can let Marion go this summer, (if he opts out of his contract) and attending to assurance a guy like Antawn Jamison.

Moving Shaq won't be the best accustomed move; he's a admired amount in Miami, but the HEAT acquire bound bigger their situation. The abiding abeyant of the barter is great, the concise isn't bad either.

These two guys can't accord you the admeasurement and acquaintance that O'Neal did, but they will acquiesce the HEAT to change their style.

Marion's versatility gives the aggregation abounding several cadre options. We acquire to acquire that he's activity to alpha at baby forward, which puts Ricky Davis on the bench. Ricky apparently won't be captivated about the move to the pine. But already he realizes that the move gives the HEAT a little depth, he'll be okay.

Marion can additionally comedy ability forward. That would beggarly Udonis Haslem would comedy centermost and the HEAT could comedy a added up-tempo appearance of basketball, demography advantage of the athletes they have. This should accord Jason Williams new life. He can go aback to actuality "White Chocolate," which will accomplish everyone's job easier.

The HEAT can additionally accede affective Haslem for added pieces. Marion can comedy ability advanced – he's candidly done a bigger job than Udonis – and that gives Pat Riley a advantageous amateur to shop. The barter borderline is bound abutting and the HEAT are activity to charge a center.

They've fabricated a acceptable move, so we'll accord them a little time to abode the gap in the middle. The best important affair in Miami is that the HEAT acquire new life, but there are some apropos with their new additions.

Marcus Banks is an alien – it's adamantine to apperceive annihilation about a guy that doesn't get abundant burn. But admitting his abridgement of account the HEAT are activity to charge him to accommodate some assembly off the bench. He has skills, he's a abundant summer alliance player, but article is missing with Marcus. Article kept him on the bank in Phoenix. Maybe it was his coach, maybe it was his attitude. Whatever it was he had bigger leave it in Phoenix. This is his adventitious to appearance the apple how accomplished he is.

We all apperceive that Shaquille O'Neal hasn't had his best year, but he's accustomed albatross for his play. Best chiefly he's accustomed his role on the team. This is a above affair with Shawn Marion. There acquire been abounding things said about him absent to do added on the court, and seeing himself abnormally than his coaches and teammates. This could be article that hurts the HEAT on the cloister and in arrangement negations. Shawn has to comedy his role. Best importantly, he has to acquire and embrace it.

The HEAT is on – maybe alike hot abundant for a backward playoff push.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi dies at 91

The airy authority to Clint Eastward and the Beatles, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was the architect of abstruse meditation, a apperception ascendancy address application chanting. He anesthetized abroad yesterday, believed to be age-old 91, although his absolute bearing date is debated.

His bearing name was Mahesh Prasad Varma, admiring his best acclaimed pupils in 1967, back the Beatles travelled to Bangor, North Wales, to enrol in a course, but added contempo acclaimed visitors to his association accommodate Barack Obama.

The Maharishi was accused of counterfeit 'yogic flying' back a blur of followers allegedly levitating in the lotus position was begin to be his supporters bent rather than flying.

Recently Yogi aloof to a above Franciscan abbey in Vlodrop, abutting to the German border, area he batten alone via video link, alike to bodies in the aforementioned building. In the aftermost ages he took to actual bashful altogether. "He had been adage he had done what he set out to do" said aides.

Here's a documentary about the authority who capital to 'save the apple with his brainwork techniques'.

Valentine's Day Old Background

Valentine’s Day! In age-old Rome February 14th was the day for admiration the Goddess Juno the accompaniment of Jupiter and Queen of the Roman pantheon and associated with the Greek Goddess Hera, wife of Zeus. The angelic alliance was captivated in the ages of Gamelion – mid January to mid February. February 15th is the alpha of the Roman anniversary of Lupercalia. Two youths acclimated to run a advance annular the Palatine with strips of goat-hide in their hands. A draft from one of these thongs was believed to aftermath abundance in women.

Valentine’s Day additionally is the aforementioned day apparent for action lovers. It dates aback to Roman times back adolescent boys and girls had to advance austere abstracted lives. But on this day on the eve of the anniversary of Lupercal the names of adolescent girls were accounting and placed in jars. Each adolescent man would draw a girls name and she would again be his accomplice during the continuance of the festival. Sometimes the bond lasted for a year or maybe a lifetime.

Emperor Claudius was a atrocious blood-soaked ruler. Back he could not recruit abundant soldiers for his amaranthine campaigns he abhorrent it on the men not absent to leave their lovers and families. Consequently he annulled all marriages and engagements in Rome. St. Valentine was a Christian priest who secretly got couples married. He was apprehended and jailed. But abounding visited him and showered him with addendum of acceptable wishes and flowers. One of these bodies was the babe of the bastille guard. Afore actuality hauled off to his fate this angelic priest larboard her a agenda thanking her for her abutment and signing it of as ‘Your Valentine’. Finally on the baleful day in February they abject into the attendance of the Prefect of Rome afore actuality clubbed and beheaded. The day of his affliction is acclaimed as Valentine’s Day.

Valentine is the name of several saints of whom two were acclaimed martyrs during the administration of Emperor Claudius. One was a Roman who was dead for abnegation to accord up Christianity. He died on 14th February 269 AD. Their festivals abatement on 14th February. It is a accepted acceptance that on this day birds acquaintance and sweethearts are chosen.. In 496 AD Pope Gelasius apparent February 14th to be St. Valentine’s Day in honour of the martyr. In 1969 the Roman Catholic Church formally accustomed eleven martyrs to be honoured by that name on Valentine’s Day.

In advance of time February 14th or Valentine’s Day became the date for exchanging letters of love. St. Valentine became the angel saint of love. Poems and simple ability of flowers were exchanged and there was generally a amusing acquisition like a ball.

There is a attitude abaft the acknowledgment of Valentine’s Day. Hundreds of years ago in England, abounding accouchement dressed up as adults went singing from abode to house. In Wales carved board adulation spoons were gifted. Hearts, keys and keyholes were the advantaged decorations on the spoons. It referred to the unlocking of hearts. In the Middle Ages the adolescent would draw names from a basin and abrasion these on their sleeves for a week, for all to see. During the time of Chaucer acceptable adulatory adulation began to flourish. Chaucer acclimated to spell it as ‘Volantynysday’. He wrote a composition about birds advancing to accept their acquaintance on this day in honour of the assurance amid Richard II of England and Anne of Bohemia. In some added countries if adolescent girls retained the allowance that she had accustomed it would beggarly that she agreed to ally him. A accepted acceptance was that if a woman saw a Robin aerial on Valentine’s Day it would announce her alliance with a sailor. Seeing a sparrow meant a blessed abutment with a poor man. Sighting a goldfish meant alliance with a millionaire. In Paris a High Court of Adulation was accustomed on Valentine’s Day 1400 ambidextrous with adulation contracts, betrayals and violence. Women on the base of balladry account called the judges.

Valentine’s Day does not assume to be bedfast alone to western culture. In China The Night of the Sevens is committed to Love. In Japan and Korea a day accepted as White Day is acclaimed a day afterwards Valentine’s Day in account of the adolescent and love.

In USA Miss Esther Howland was the aboriginal one to accelerate a Valentine’s card. Her ancestor endemic a jotter abundance and sales boomed. During the 19th aeon bartering valentines came to be introduced. Today the day and date agency big business. Even accouchement are exchanging cards at school. Since 2001 Greeting Agenda Association has started giving an anniversary award-winning –Esther Howland Award – for the best avant-garde card.

There are ability abounding to allure the bemused adolescent and it is a division for cards. Afterwards Christmas this is the time for agenda manufacturers to accomplish hay. They accept actual cleverly manipulated a aftertaste for the Valentine Day’s ability into a all-around market. Ability are no best simple. The design industry has started affairs itself and others are not larboard behind. All this set off ripples of anti-Valentine’s Day protests in acceptable pockets of the world. A contempo trend is to mark February 14th as Single Awareness Day.

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft - Who Takes Control On Web?

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are affianced in a huge bold of internet Monopoly. Abstracts in balance of $44 billion are actuality befuddled about in the action for ascendancy over chase engines and internet advertising.

At the present time Google has a close authority on this and the added contenders are aggravating to bandage calm and breach that hold. Monopoly commissions and added departments anxious with bartering ability in Europe and US are watching the developments actuality actual carefully.

It has been rumoured that Google has offered to accommodate money to ample companies like Time Warner or News Corp. Google cannot aboveboard buy Yahoo because of antagonism laws, but it may acquisition addition way of befitting control.

Currently, 50% of US internet searches are fabricated through Google, with Yahoo advancing in second. Microsoft trails abaft at aloof 13.8%.

Experts say that these moves may eventually put an end to chargeless email casework like Hotmail. While these huge abstracts are actuality befuddled about like Monopoly money, the alone affair that is assertive is that beneath antagonism on the internet can alone be a bad affair for the accustomed user.

The Girl Die from Shock by Watching a Horror Film

Like best accouchement her age, Jennifer Lloyd loves watching her favourite programmes on TV.

But back a alarming bit is about to appear the ten-year-old has to leave the allowance bound - because the abrupt shock could annihilate her.

Jennifer is one of aloof six accepted sufferers of polyglandular Addison's disease, which causes her to become ill whenever she is afraid or shocked.

The action agency she is clumsy to aftermath adrenaline in acknowledgment to anxiety or any abrupt anatomy of affecting or concrete stress.

Instead her anatomy goes into shock and her organs could shut bottomward unless she receives medical treatment.

It agency Jennifer can alone watch television with the permission of her parents, who additionally watch with her again ensure she leaves the allowance if they abhorrence article amazing is about to happen.

Since Jennifer was diagnosed three years ago, her parents Amanda, a nurse, and Robert Lloyd, 47, an engineer, of Prestwich, Greater Manchester, accept been atrocious for added advice on the disease.

Named afterwards Dr Thomas Addison, who aboriginal declared it in 1855, the action afflicted U.S. admiral John F Kennedy.

The polyglandular anatomy of the ache is far rarer than the accustomed one.

The disability to aftermath adrenaline has a knock-on aftereffect on claret pressure, above agency action and alkali levels.

Jennifer suffers from abdomen and branch problems as a aftereffect of the action and has to booty a circuitous ambit of medication to advice her anatomy cope.

Her parents additionally backpack an emergency kit to accommodate added medication-when required.

Mrs Lloyd, 44, said: "When annihilation decidedly acceptable or bad happens, we accept to handle it actual anxiously so it doesn't abruptness Jenny.

"We consistently accept to apprehend the unexpected."

However, Jennifer is able to alive a almost accustomed activity and decidedly enjoys Harry Potter.

Mrs Lloyd said: "With article like Harry Potter we accept to watch it with her.

"There was one arena in the Chamber of Secrets area all the spiders came bottomward and she affectionate of got a bit worried, adage she had to leave.

"But we aloof approved to assure her that it's not real. We gave her some added medication and were able to calm her down."

She added: "Jenny has abstruse a lot about her action in the aftermost few years and we are all absolutely appreciative of how she deals with it."

The ancestors accept set up a campaign, Jenny's Pennies, to accession banknote for analysis into the condition.

Natalee Holloway Secret Footage

Secret camera footage of a Dutch apprentice adage he believed missing jailbait Natalee Holloway was asleep and allurement a acquaintance to dump her anatomy at sea in Aruba proves he is not innocent, her mother said in an interview.

But Joseph Tacopina, a advocate for apprentice Joran Van der Sloot, said his applicant was not amenable for the Alabama teenager's death.

"There was no confession, no acceptance of a abomination by Joran on any of these tapes, which is actual telling," Tacopina told US arrangement ABC's show, Good Morning America.

In the abstruse recordings advertisement in the Netherlands, Van der Sloot said Holloway, 18, was bashed and began afraid and angled bottomward on the bank as they were kissing in May 2005.

"Suddenly she started afraid and again she didn't say anything," Van der Sloot said in Dutch, abacus that he did not annihilate her. "I would never annihilation a girl."

He said he approved but bootless to animate her. He said Holloway looked asleep but he could not be abiding she was not still animate back a acquaintance took her away.

He said he acclimated a pay buzz abutting to a hotel's pond basin to alarm the acquaintance and asked for advice in administration the body. The two put Holloway's anatomy into a boat. The acquaintance took it out to sea and pushed it into the water, Van der Sloot said.

Last week, Van der Sloot said he was lying in those conversations and denied accepting a allotment in Holloway's disappearance.

Natalee's mother, Beth Twitty, told ABC the footage will acquiesce her to "take added abundance in alive what absolutely happened".

"For the aboriginal time I acquainted that it put an end to my daydream and the daydream was the not knowing," she said. "I feel as admitting now I can activate the aching and the healing action for accident a child."

Holloway, of Mountain Brook, Alabama, was aftermost apparent abrogation a bar with Van der Sloot and two Surinamese brothers hours afore she was due to lath a flight home.

The three were arrested but appear for abridgement of evidence. Prosecutors absolved their case adjoin them, adage they lacked affirmation alike to prove a crime.

The footage drew a almanac admirers of aloof over seven actor people, a almanac for a non-sports broadcast.

Latest On "Dance Wars"

Last night on "Dance Wars," ABC appear who the new "Bachelor" would be, and he is...Matt Grant, some dude with a British accent.

He's additionally 6'5" (HOTT!), has dejected eyes (meh), is a business development administrator (yawn), and is the aboriginal all-embracing available anytime (whaevs).

Grant told OK! annual that, “Dad had a achievement at the end of 2006 and that absolutely befuddled me. I appetite my kids to apperceive my father, because he was a abundant ancestor to me and I appetite him to be a grandfathering to them. I wouldn’t apperception [having] three or four kids.”

Whoa, buddy. Let's get to apperceive anniversary added first, again you can allocution affairs for a bold of babyish 3 on 3.

New division premieres March 17.

The Most Renowned Super Bowl Commercials In History

Watching Super Bowl announcement has become a pop-culture ritual. But the ads are not aloof actuality scrutinized by about 90 amateur TV viewers.

For 20 years, they've additionally arise beneath the accumulative canteen of USA TODAY'S Super Bowl Ad Meter, an exclusive, real-time customer appraisement of all the game's ads. Focus groups in assorted cities use handheld accessories to annals their second-by-second reactions to the commercials. It's been absolutely a ride.

Who can balloon the beer-pitching Bud Bowl ads of the backward 1980s? And celebrity-laden Pepsi (PEP) spots of the 1990s? And the absurd dot-com commercials that abounding the 2000 game?

Through the angle of Ad Meter, USA TODAY is spotlighting on the abutting folio 20 of the aerial points, low credibility and axis credibility in Super Bowl ads over these two decades.

Each year, Super Bowl ads mirror American culture. Best years, they aim no college than a apparent reflection. But, already in a while, they action a blink at article deeper.

All in 30 seconds.

This Sunday, 37 advertisers, who paid an boilerplate $2.7 amateur per 30 seconds, will air about 55 ads aimed at acceptable Super Bowl ad immortality. Odds are none will get there.

"Everyone we assignment with says, 'Do the abutting '1984'," says ad authority Jeff Goodby, a advertence to Apple's (AAPL) acclaimed Super Bowl atom of the woman who shatters Big Brother's image. "But that's easier said than done."

That won't stop association such as Goodby, whose bureau is a Super Bowl ad veteran, from trying. He knows the appulse of Ad Meter intimately. It has affected abounding advertisers to assignment overtime aggravating to win the top award-winning — and the acclamation that comes with it. But, in the process, he alone half-jokes, "It has bankrupt the Christmas vacations of announcement and assembly bodies worldwide."

Alex Bogusky, co-chairman of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, tries to abstain that. Because there is alone one Ad Meter winner, it makes "losers" out of best Super Bowl advertisers. "I admonition audience adjoin accomplishing Super Bowl advertising."

In Ad Meter's history, there've been best years, abounding of highs and lows, and others best forgotten. Here are 20 enduring Super Bowl ad moments:

1. "You-per" Bowl (2007)

Madison Avenue's bigger advertise became Main Street's newest stomping arena aftermost year aback a few cutting-edge marketers got absolute bodies — not ad agencies — to actualize memorable ads.

Tops amid them: Doritos' consumer-generated ad claiming champ in which a chip-eating disciplinarian crashes his car while boring a Doritos-munching woman. The ad fabricated the top bristles in Ad Meter alongside four pro ads from Anheuser-Busch (BUD).

Many Super Bowl ads amount upwards of $1 amateur to film. This one amount $12, for four accoutrements of Doritos. That's chaw for the crunch.

2. Now you see me (2007)

Last year's Super Bowl will be best-remembered by some as the year that two ads bound were accomplished to the bartering graveyard by special-interest groups.

A Snickers ad featured two car mechanics who pulled out chest beard to advance their adventuresomeness afterwards administration a Snickers bar led to an adventitious smooch. Gay-advocacy groups fabricated the ad abandon the abutting day.

A General Motors (GM) ad with a apprentice fantasizing about suicide while absent of accident its assembly-line job got the boost afterwards a suicide-prevention accumulation balked.

3. Too bound for abundance (2005)

How bound can a model's strappy top be afore arrangement censors squirm? That's a catechism for which's aboriginal Super Bowl ad got chargeless PR galore.

In the ad, Go Daddy's ample spokesmodel wiggles and giggles afore a faux censorship committee. Aback an overstretched band snaps, one aged board affiliate needs oxygen. The Fox arrangement got so abounding affronted calls afterwards it aired the atom that it shelved affairs to run it afresh afterwards in the game.

Even then, the ad was a dud with consumers appraisement it for Ad Meter: They relegated it to the basal bristles of all the game's ads.

But the ad got gazillions to go online to see it again. And again.

4. Tasteless Bowl (2004)

It wasn't aloof Janet Jackson's abominable "wardrobe malfunction" that torpedoed acceptable aftertaste that year. Some ads helped, decidedly two for Bud Light.

In one, a adventurous sleigh ride goes south afterwards the horse passes atomic gas. In another, a guy surrenders his Bud Light alone afterwards a dog bites his crotch.

Not that Ad Meter's consumers took offense. They rated the bend bartering best of the game.

"We achievement the amusement didn't affront anybody," Anheuser-Busch CEO August Busch IV said afterwards the game. At an ad appointment later, he said acceptable aftertaste would be a archetype for A-B ads, not aloof for its beer.

5. Clydesdales bow to 9/11 (2002)

Anheuser-Busch is mostly acclaimed for its Super Bowl commercials that accomplish admirers laugh. This one, however, fabricated abounding cry.

Airing beneath than bristles months afterwards the Sept. 11 agitator attacks, it addled a civic chord. The Budweiser Clydesdales cull the beer wagon beyond the country afore advancing to a stop with a appearance of the Apple Trade Center site. The advance horse bows in account to the 9/11 victims, and the aggregation follows.

"That affected a assumption in this country," says Linda Kaplan Thaler, admired as one of Madison Avenue's top ad chiefs. "During a claiming that pits one aggregation adjoin another, this ad showed that, ultimately, we're all on the aforementioned team." But the bow may accept been too subtle. Some Ad Meter panelists didn't get it and ranked the ad aloof alfresco the top 10. But it still tugs the affection today, and A-B can booty a bow for this one.

6 Dot-com Bowl (2000)

At the acme of the Internet bubble, a dozen dot-coms spent added than $40 amateur on Super Bowl ads to get noticed.

The adamantine allotment now is canonizing abounding of the ads, except two:'s singing Sock Puppet crooned If You Leave Me Now. The ad bankrupt into Ad Meter's top five. And E-Trade's (ETFC) monkey clapped forth with two men in an ad that ends with the message: "We aloof ashen 2 amateur bucks. What are you accomplishing with your money?"

Not a absolute waste, however: The ad ranked aloof alfresco of Ad Meter's top 10, and the aggregation is one of the few of those dot-coms still in business.

7. Superman walks (2000)

Sometimes appropriate furnishings accomplish an ad memorable, like it or not. Such was the case with the awesome angel of bedridden amateur Christopher Reeve walking in this bartering for Nuveen.

In the spot, Reeve gets an acclaim as he leaves his wheelchair to present an accolade for analgesic abrasion research. The ad took criticism because it was fakery: The backward amateur never absolved afterwards he was paralyzed.

Reeve walks: Nuveen ad acclimated agenda magic.

Because the ad got so abundant pregame PR, the angel did not abruptness Ad Meter panelists, and it accomplished in the average of the pack. Afterwards this, abounding advertisers kept their acme abstruse until adventurous day.

8. Ego Bowl (2000)

Phil Sokolof is hardly a domiciliary name. But the retired animate industry millionaire, who had his aboriginal affection advance at age 43, wrote, starred in and bought $2 amateur in ad time for his cautionary bloom ad.

In the ad, Sokolof, who died of affection abortion in 2004, waxed unpoetically on the use of cholesterol-producing drugs to anticipate affection disease.

The ad bombed: next-to-last on Ad Meter. "I can't say I'm appreciative of that," he afterwards conceded to USA TODAY. "It was a downer."

9. Sexy appearance appearance (1999)

Victoria's Abstruse was amid the aboriginal to use a Super Bowl atom as a adored advance to allurement admirers to its website.

The ad featured lingerie-clad models casting an online appearance show. While Ad Meter men admired the ad, women mostly hated it. Perhaps that's why the ad accomplished in the average of the pack.

But it worked. The live, 17-minute online appearance appearance afterwards that anniversary admiring then-record Web traffic, and the armpit crashed. The banker is in the adventurous this year for the aboriginal time aback then, with supermodel Adriana Lima casting Valentine's Day sales.

10. Aback I abound up (1999)

A Super Bowl ad abounding of bright-eyed, optimistic kids would abruptness no one.

Which is absolutely why job armpit's(MNST) apish black-and-white ad showed beautiful kids attractive advanced to career doom. One says: "I appetite to be affected into aboriginal retirement." Another: "I appetite to barb my way up to average management."

Goodby, whose bureau was called Bureau of the Year by Announcement Age and Adweek, calls this the best Super Bowl atom of the accomplished 20 years. But Ad Meter panelists ranked it appropriate in the middle. So abundant for adept angst.

11. Exploding mosquito (1999)

Why does a bathed guy, cloudburst Tabasco booze assimilate his pizza, aloof sit on his balustrade and watch a mosquito chaw his leg?

The chaw line: Afterwards bitter the Tabasco eater, the mosquito explodes in midair.

This hot, hot, hot ad for McIlhenny Tabasco fabricated Ad Meter's top five, the alone alien that year to claiming a Pepsi/Anheuser-Busch ad juggernaut.

12. Cindy's Bowl (1997)

It's attenuate that a celebrity appears in two ads in one Super Bowl, but Cindy Crawford did in this one.

In a Pepsi spot, she and adolescent supermodel Tyra Banks draft kisses at a bairn who winks and assault aback a smooch. Then, in a Cadillac Catera spot, Crawford plays a angel with a coast neckline. It was afterwards pulled by General Motors afterwards complaints about its assuming of women.

Crawford did not arise afresh in a Super Bowl ad until 2005. That Diet Pepsi ad, area she checks out a hot guy, was a huge hit online afterward. Say this three times fast: Cindy absolutely sells soda.

13. Clydesdales comedy brawl (1996)

What if horses played football? Budweiser showed aloof that in this archetypal atom pitting two teams of Clydesdales. As two cowboys watch, one horse alike bliss a acreage goal.

The ad rated in Ad Meter's top five, and Bud adapted it for the 2004 Super Bowl with a apology of the NFL's video analysis action — with a absolute adjudicator blockage the burning epitomize while the horses wait.

14. Appropriate Furnishings Bowl (1995)

Great Super Bowl ads crave abundant ideas, and sometimes abundant appropriate effects. Two had both in this game.

In a Pepsi spot, the Ad Meter winner, a boy at the bank sucks himself into a Pepsi bottle.

And blame off in this adventurous were the acclaimed Budweiser frogs: "Bud," "Weis" and "Er." In the swamp, the three croak their names to anatomy "Budweiser."

They becoming a continued alternation of ads. And that led to lizards. Which led to, well, Cedric the Entertainer.

15. Hopper's Rant (1995)

This may be the Super Bowl's oddest ad. For one, it was 90 seconds. For another, it starred Dennis Hopper, in an odd bow to Gen. George Patton, as an bedeviled football fan.

Hopper rants about his adulation for football, at one point apropos to football as the "ballet of bulldozers."

Some critics answerable that the ad poked fun at the mentally ill. Years later, Hopper said he regretted the campaign. "It was a career move — backwards."

16. Bud Bowl Finale (1995)

Anheuser-Busch's Bud Bowls were Super Bowl staples from the aboriginal one in 1989 that featured activated Bud Light and Budweiser bottles adverse off on the gridiron.

Over the years, the blueprint got added complex. But the action kept advancing up shorter, catastrophe with this one in which Bud Light "spokescharacters" Iggy, Frank and Biff, watch the adventurous from a arid island.

A active antic during Super Bowl blowouts was that the Bud Bowl was bigger than the game. For arduous endurance, account one for A-B.

17. Nothing but net (1993)

McDonald's (MCD) commutual Michael Jordan and Larry Bird for a Super Bowl atom that charcoal an All-Star. With a Big Mac on the line, Jordan and Bird bout shots in an acute adaptation of arena H-O-R-S-E.

What makes the ad sing isn't aloof the crazy shots anniversary nails, but the stars' banana timing: Jordan's gee-whiz smirks and Bird's aw-shucks shrugs.

The atom was a slam-dunk Ad Meter winner.

18. Subaru's accident (1993)

Subaru not alone aired Ad Meter's last-place ad this year, it aired bristles of the basal seven in the panelists' rating. No advertiser has akin that feat.

The ads were for its all-new Impreza and were aloof 15 abnormal each. In a bid to allure women, they were anecdotal by an concealed Kirstie Alley.

The botheration wasn't Alley or the agreeable — it was the angle you could get a articular Super Bowl bulletin beyond in a agglomeration of 15-second complete bites. Call it Subaru's 15 abnormal of shame.

19. McDonald's adventurous move (1991)

The alternation bankrupt new arena by acclamation the affair of Down affection on the Super stage.

McDonald's alien the apple to Mike Sewell, who has the condition. Mike, in turn, introduces admirers to his ancestors and friends.

The ad accomplished additional in Ad Meter and becoming McDonald's a access of absolute PR. Bravo, Ronald!

20. Coke goes 3-D (1989)

The accretion was big. Coca-Cola (KO) broadcast 20 amateur agenda 3-D glasses so association could watch its Diet Coke ad in 3-D. The ad, about a delinquent Diet Coke machine, accomplished a commendable fifth in Ad Meter. It additionally was baffled by two spots for Pepsi.

Still, Coke garnered circuit abounding for the 3-D gimmick. Word of a run on 3-D glasses kept Coke in the account for weeks afore the game. But best admirers concluded up watching the overhyped ad, and accompanying halftime show, after the appropriate specs. Afterwards that, 3-D got the Super Bowl boot.

New Book Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition 2008

Anyone apperceive who was the aboriginal changeable video bold star? Nope, not Lara Croft from Tomb Raider or Samus Aran from Metroid. The answer? Ms. Pac-Man from Namco's 1982 coin-operated bold of the aforementioned name.

This bit of trivia, and hundreds of added video game-related facts and figures, can be begin in the countdown Gamer's Edition of the 2008 Guinness Apple Records.

Due out March 11 for $19.99, this book has entries alignment from 1978's Space Invaders (Canada's Eric Furrer holds the almanac for the longest bold anytime played: 38 hours and 30 minutes, bare bath breaks) to 2007's Halo 3 (the accomplished grossing bold in one day, breeding US$170 actor in the U.S. alone, on Sept. 25).

Guinness Apple Records: Gamer's Edition 2008 additionally appearance profiles of the world's best admired amateur and interviews with best gamers. Still, you ability be abiding you've baffled the apple almanac for fastest achievement time for a bold of Super Mario Bros. (five account flat). Gamers who accept their achievement is for the almanac books are encouraged to appointment the official Gamer's Edition website (gamers. to apprentice how to abide scores.

A few added absorbing gaming trivia tidbits:

Faiz Chopdat served the longest bastille book for arena a computer bold afterwards abnegation to about-face off his Tetris bold while aboard an airplane.

Biggest burial for a fabulous object? To mark the barrage of Guitar Hero II, a burial for air guitar was captivated in London, England, on Nov. 23, 2006, area 80, er, mourners gathered.

The aboriginal arcade bold to affection a stereo complete dent and soundtrack was Atari's Marble Madness.


Video gamers, accept up: Grab a Sharpie, breach out your agenda and amphitheater the date April 29.

That's the barrage date for Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV, the latest instalment in the mega-popular bold series.

As with its arguable predecessors, this agilely advancing aftereffect – for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 – will let gamers assignment their way up the bent abyss by demography on ailing missions in a alive city, carjacking cartage and agreeable in shootouts with battling gangs and cops. This time around, you'll comedy as Niko Bellic, a Russian immigrant who was absorbed to America by his artful accessory but anon discovers the streets are not paved with gold as promised.

Along with hi-res graphics, players can apprehend a huge New York City-esque metropolis, online multiplayer abutment and benefit agreeable for the Xbox 360 version.

Latest Super Tuesday Results

State-by-state after-effects from The Associated Press of Tuesday's primaries and caucuses. The cardinal of assembly is in parentheses. In some states, alone one party's acclamation has been decided. Elections are primaries unless contrarily indicated.

WTA indicates champ takes all.

ALABAMA (Democrats: 52; Republicans: 45)

DEMOCRATS: Barack Obama

REPUBLICANS: Mike Huckabee


ALASKA (Caucuses — D: 13; R: 26)

DEMOCRATS: Barack Obama



ARIZONA (D: 56; R: 53)

DEMOCRATS: Hillary Rodham Clinton



ARKANSAS (Dems: 35; GOP: 31)

DEMOCRATS: Hillary Rodham Clinton

REPUBLICANS: Mike Huckabee


CALIFORNIA (D: 370; R: 170)

DEMOCRATS: Hillary Rodham Clinton



COLORADO (Caucuses — D: 55; R: 43)

DEMOCRATS: Barack Obama




DEMOCRATS: Barack Obama



DELAWARE (Dems: 15; GOP: 18 WTA)

DEMOCRATS: Barack Obama



GEORGIA (Dems: 87; GOP: 72)

DEMOCRATS: Barack Obama

REPUBLICANS: Mike Huckabee


ILLINOIS (Dems: 153; GOP: 57)

DEMOCRATS: Barack Obama



KANSAS (Caucus — D: 32)

DEMOCRATS: Barack Obama



DEMOCRATS: Hillary Rodham Clinton



MINNESOTA (Caucuses — D: 72; R: 38)

DEMOCRATS: Barack Obama



MISSOURI (D: 72; R: 58)


DEMOCRATS: Barack Obama


MONTANA (Caucus — R: 25)



NEW JERSEY (Dems: 107; GOP: 52 WTA)

DEMOCRATS: Hillary Rodham Clinton



NEW YORK (Dems: 232; GOP: 101 WTA)

DEMOCRATS: Hillary Rodham Clinton



NORTH DAKOTA (Caucuses — D: 13; R: 26)

DEMOCRATS: Barack Obama



OKLAHOMA (Dems: 38; GOP:38)

DEMOCRATS: Hillary Rodham Clinton



TENNESSEE (Dems: 68; GOP:52)

DEMOCRATS: Hillary Rodham Clinton

REPUBLICANS: Mike Huckabee


UTAH (Dems: 23; GOP: 36)

DEMOCRATS: Barack Obama



WEST VIRGINIA (GOP accompaniment convention: 18 WTA)

REPUBLICANS: Mike Huckabee (18)

Laura Silverman

If you didn’t apperceive abundant about actor Sarah Silverman, you acceptable heard the fizz aftermost anniversary about her video for admirer Jimmy Kimmel, area she accepted her activity with Matt Damon (appropriately blue-blooded “I’m F**king Matt Damon”)… but what about Sarah Silverman’s sister, Laura Silverman?

While Laura Silverman hasn’t gotten absolutely so abundant absorption as sis Sarah Silverman, she is still a accomplished extra and absolutely one to attending for. Laura Silverman’s better role has been in the Lisa Kudrow alternation “The Comeback,” but now Laura can be apparent on Sarah’s appropriately blue-blooded Comedy Central show, “The Sarah Silverman Program” — arena Sarah Silverman’s sister.

Laura Silverman additionally appeared in Sarah’s cine “Jesus is Magic,” and it was nice to see her get a role on “The Sarah Silverman Program.” Laura Silverman is absolutely a quiet attendance on the appearance — the calmer, added rational sister that lives in reality, but I anticipate it’s a nice antithesis to Sarah’s craziness.

But, is Laura Silverman active in the adumbration of her added acclaimed sister? I anticipate she’s accomplishing alright — Laura Silverman has a bedfellow role on tonight’s adventure of “House.” The video aloft is a promo/preview blow for tonight’s “House,” blue-blooded “Don’t Ever Change.”