Thursday, 20 March 2008

Lindsey Paulat

Lindsey Paulat - Steelers wide receiver Cedrick Wilson is facing charges after allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend and mother of one of his children. Police say around 8 p.m. last night, Wilson walked into Patron’s Restaurant and shoved 26-year-old Lindsey Paulat. Police say in their criminal complaint, when Lindsey Paulat turned around she was punched. Police say Paulat’s version of the incident was verified by witnesses. Police found Wilson at home in Pine and arrested him on charges of simple assault, harassment and disorderly conduct.

This is not the first public conflict between the pair. Lindsey Paulat was involved in a 12-hour standoff at Wilson’s home in January when the pair got in a fight and she was charged with a felony weapons count for firing the gun twice inside his home during the standoff.

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Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday - Tonight our church is gathering to celebrate the last supper, which Jesus had with his disciples before his arrest and crucifixion. if you’ve ever wondered what it is, here is an excerpt i found on-line…

that evening they met in an upper room of a house in jerusalem to celebrate the passover. Jesus and the other disciples were jewish and the passover was the most holy event in the jewish calendar, commemorating the saving acts of God in the life of the hebrew people and, most specifically, remembering the release of the people of israel from captivity by pharaoh in egypt. on passover the hebrew people share the meal and tell the story of their salvation by God as God sent a series of plagues on the egyptians, which finally convinced pharaoh to release the people.

after dinner Jesus performed a new ritual, offering each of the disciples bread: “take, eat; this is my body”—and a cup: “this is my blood.” following this, they sang a hymn and left jerusalem to pass the night on the mount of olives, in the garden of gethsemane. we will remember this new ritual, which is our sacrament of the Lord’s supper, by our communion service.

the name “Maundy Thursday” comes from the latin word “mandatum” which means “commandment,” as Jesus gave us all a new commandment on that night that people should love one another even as Christ loves them (John 13:34-35). that spirit led the ruling monarch in great britain to give alms to poor people on the thursday before easter. these gifts were called “royal maundy,” hence the name, Maundy Thursday.

so now you know… Maundy Thursday

Paul Scofield Dies at 68

Paul Scofield Dies at 68 - Academy Award-winning British actor Paul Scofield passed away Wednesday, March 19, of leukemia. He was 68. Paul Scofield’s agent, Rosalind Chatto, said the acclaimed actor died peacefully at a hospital near his home in Balcombe, Sussex, on Wednesday. He had been battling leukemia for some years. “He had leukemia and had not been well for some time,” Chatto told Reuters.

Paul Scofield is best known for his portrayal of Sir Thomas More, the Catholic martyr who chose to be executed at King Henry VIII’s order rather than betray his conscience, in the 1967 film “A Man for All Seasons.”

That role earned
Paul Scofield a BAFTA and an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Paul Scofield only appeared in some 30 films and focused on classical theater. He was critically praised for his roles in diverse theatrical productions such as the musical “Expresso Bongo” (1958), the comedy “Staircase” (1966) and numerous plays by William Shakespeare.

British paper The Telegraph reports that a 2004 survey of actors of the Royal Shakespeare Company named his 1962 depiction of King Lear as the greatest Shakespearian performance ever.

Among those who had voted were Sir Ian McKellen, Donald Sinden, Janet Suzman, Ian Richardson, Sir Antony Sher and Corin Redgrave. Upon learning of the accolade,
Paul Scofield said he was “overwhelmed, astonished and delighted.”

“Of the 10 greatest moments in the theatre, eight are
Paul Scofield’s,” actor Richard Burton once said.
Though he shied away from Hollywood and celebrity,
Paul Scofield was nominated for an Academy Award once more in 1994, for his supporting role in the Robert Redford directed and produced film “Quiz Show.”

Not even such grand ceremonies lured him to Tinseltown, as he was much more fascinated with his work with the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford-on-Avon. He was also known as a very private person.

“I never liked the idea of going to live or work in California,” he said. “Indeed, I've never been there, not even to collect my Oscar, because we were rehearsing at Stratford.”

Paul Scofield lived with his wife in a cottage in the Sussex countryside south of London, according to Reuters. They had a son and daughter, who both became teachers.

And that's latest sad news is Paul Scofield Dies at 68.

Audrina Patridge Naked Pictures

Audrina Patridge Naked Pictures - God-given right to see the photos of Audrina Patridge naked. She sent these to Playboy when she was 19. They weren’t run. Playboy sent her a letter that read “It’s not that your body’s not hot. It’s that your eyes are weird.”

I’m kidding.

She released the following statement:

“I took these photos years ago when I was just out of high school and beginning to model. I was young and very trusting of others and I didn’t know to protect myself. It is a lesson learned, for myself, and hopefully for the young girls who look up to me.”

What’s interesting to me is that these younger girls are willing to own up to it and apologize when their bare naked tits hit the web, but the older folks (Kristin Davis, anyone?) are all deny, deny, deny.

Anyway, after the jump, the naked photos of Audrina Patridge from her Playboy submission. I’ll be getting the cease and desist in T minus two hours, so save them to your computer while you can.

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Darlene Rodriguez Husband, Sgt. David Rodriguez

Darlene Rodriguez Husband, Sgt. David Rodriguez - Sgt. David Rodriguez the husband of New York City anchorwoman Darlene Rodriguez has been charged with the rape of a 17-year-old girl. Police Sgt. David Rodriguez pleaded not guilty to the charges and posted $25,000 bail.

Rodriguez is accused of raping the teen after arresting her 35-year-old boyfriend on domestic violence charges. “He engaged the victim and forcibly raped her,” said a commissioner.

Darlene Rodriguez, a WNBC anchorwoman was crying outside the courtroom but insisted that her husband is innocent. “I’m her to support my husband. I believe in him. I love him. He’s innocent 100 percent,” she said.

Sgt. Rodriguez has been suspended without pay.

Wikipedia on Darlene Rodriquez

Darlene Rodriguez (born 1970) is co-anchor of Today in New York on WNBC-TV. Rodriguez became co-anchor of the show in July 2003 after serving as a reporter for WNBC and then co-anchor of Weekend Today in New York.

Rodriguez has also served as a fill in newsreader for Ann Curry on The Today Show on NBC. Before WNBC she was a general assignment reporter for WCBS Newsradio 88 for four years. Prior to working at WCBS, she worked as a reporter for the Bronxnet cable television network.

She is a 1988 graduate of Christopher Columbus High School in the Bronx, and a 1992 graduate of the University of Miami with a degree in broadcast journalism and political science. While in college, Rodriguez was instrumental in creating various local cable news programs which focused on cross-cultural cuisines. Her passion for cooking and crocheting (which she learned as a child) still occupy most of her free time. She lives currently in Westchester County.

In Feb., 2008, reports appeared in the press that her husband, David Rodriguez of the New Rochelle (northern NYC suburb) police department was accused of rape by a 17 year old girl. [[1]] David Rodriguez was arrested Tuesday March 18, 2008 on a charge of first-degree rape, and was arraigned the following day where he pled not guilty. His wife was with him during the arraignment, and left the courtroom in tears afterwards. The alleged rapist is currently free on $25,000 bail, and has been suspended without pay by the New Rochelle police department.

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