Friday, 25 January 2008

Police: Woman Who discovered Heath Ledger's dead body Made 4 Calls to Olsen Twin

NEW YORK — The woman who discovered a lifeless Heath Ledger spent nine minutes making three calls to Mary-Kate Olsen before she dialed authorities for assistance, police said Thursday. She called the "Full House" actress a fourth moment after paramedics arrived. The details about the calls do not get any substantial bearing on the inquiry because authorities think Ledger had been asleep and have ruled away nasty drama. But they paint a more exact image of the outlandish series of events surrounding the Australian-born player's closing moments.

The woman, Diana Wolozin, had an appointee to offer Ledger a massage Tuesday afternoon. Police earlier said she made two calls to Olsen in seeking her assistance about what to make, but revised it to four after taking a closer feel at Ledger's telephone records. Wolozin obviously knew both Ledger and Olsen and that they were friends; all the calls were made from Ledger's cubicle telephone. At 1 p. m. Tuesday, Ledger's housekeeper went into his chamber to alter a soft lightbulb, saw him sleeping and heard what she thought was snoring. Wolozin showed upward for Ledger's appointee at about 2:45 p. m. and knocked on his doorway and called his cubicle telephone at 3 p. m. to aftermath him upward.

After setting upward her massage board, she tried to aftermath Ledger and realized something was incorrect. At 3:17 p. m. , she made a request to the Olsen twin that lasted 49 seconds. At 3:20 p. m. , she made another request -- this one lasting a hour and 39 seconds. She made a third request at 3:24, which lasted 21 seconds. She called emergency dispatchers at 3:26 p. m. Before this craze, Olsen, who was in California, summoned her private protection guards to the flat to assist with the position, police said. Paramedics arrived at 3:33 p. m. , and really went upward in the elevator to the flat with Olsen's protection guards. Paramedics did not permit the protection guards into the chamber where Ledger died, and they declared him asleep at 3:36 p. m. -- 19 minutes after the best request to Olsen. Wolozin called Olsen a closing moment at 3:34 p. m. The length of that request was unidentified.

The death prompted rumors that Ledger may get been depressed and taking overly many pills. Haydn and Mike Ledger, two of the player's uncles, deflected a doubt about whether their nephew had been depressed, saying that should be left to his parents to speak. Ledger told The New York Times in November that working on the films "The Dark Knight" and "I'm Not There" had been nerve-racking, and that he was struggling with sleeplessness and had taken the sleeping tablet Ambien. Ledger received an Oscar nomination for his character as a gay cowboy in "Brokeback Mountain," one of several acclaimed roles for the player in new years. He plays the Joker in the Batman movie "The Dark Knight," establish to go away subsequently this year. Before moving to Manhattan, Ledger lived with then-girlfriend Michelle Williams in a Brooklyn brownstone with a dark wrought-iron fencing. Ledger divide last year with Williams, who played his wife in "Brokeback. " The two had a girl, 2-year-old Matilda.

Williams and Matilda returned to their Brooklyn house Wednesday evening from Sweden. The 27-year-old actress had been there shooting scenes for the forthcoming movie "Mammoth," said Martin Stromberg, a spokesman for movie output party Memfis Film. Makeshift tributes and memorials continued to stack upward in face of Ledger's flat construction, including candles, much than 100 bouquets and hand-written notes. A computer printout with an Australian pin bears the content: "We will ever be pleased of you, Heath. Rest in peace, spouse. You will be missed. " A gaggle of reporters gathered outside the funeral house in hunt for word about Ledger's funeral. A lengthy cable of fame deaths have been handled by the same funeral house over the last century, from Judy Garland, John Lennon and Notorious B. I. G. to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Leona Helmsley.

George Amado, general coach of the Frank E. Campbell funeral house, refused to reveal details about Ledger's funeral arrangements, saying that any extra data would get to go from Ledger's coach. Ledger's publicist did not take calls and e-mails seeking remark Thursday. An Australian paper reported Friday that Ledger would probably be buried in his hometown of Perth, in southwestern Australia, after a star-studded funeral service in Los Angeles. Australian example Sophie Ward said she was planning to flee to the United States on Friday for Ledger's funeral service. "I believe we're going to L. A. ," Ward told The West Australian paper for its Friday version. "This is just a funeral service. He'll likely be buried in Perth."

Johnny Depp to Substitute Heath Ledger in 'Dr. Parnassus'?

Missing their leading player Heath Ledger payable to his abrupt death last Tuesday, January 22, it was reported that the helmer of "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus" Terry Gilliman chose Ledger's supporter Johnny Depp to supplant him. According to reports, the unconventional Captain Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean" series was hand picked by the manager for the character.

A studio origin told The Sun, "Johnny's not working at the time then everyone is praying he will make it. " Still, it was mentioned that though the character would be given to the player, Ledger's go on the movie won't be re-shot. The insider explained, "There is a level in the movie when Heath falls through a magical mirror. He could alter into another role after that and that is where Johnny would go in. It's a strange, illusion, time-travel film then Heath's role could well alter show. It would be a touching time. "

Depp, whose latest film "Sweeney Todd" nominated for Academy Award, is presently involved with Michael Mann's crime play "Public Enemies" alongside Christian Bale, while his two new projects "Shantaram" and "The Rum Diary" are place on grip because of the writers' hit. On the word related to Ledger, The Sun reported that three days before his passing, the "A Knight's Tale" superstar had an angry bust-up with the movie's bosses because they refused to reshoot a picture which he was miserable with.

Paula Abdul Comes Back to Music (Ultimately)!

Move over Taylor Dayne, clear-cut the ways Whitney Houston, go a place Mariah Carey, and, J. Lo, go arrest a chicken…

This is likely the better word I’ve had then far this year (yes, I know the year is yet inexperienced.


Guess who’s coming backwards to music? However brief her yield might in fact be, the accuracy remains she’s yet got what it takes to be a productive recording artist in today’s marketplace:

Also, she’s presently in rehearsals to do at this year’s Superbowl in February, and during the pregame display, her music video for “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow” will have its video introduction(debut)!

Furthermore, it appears an uncut album is in the works, and should go away sometime subsequently this year!

I’m so excited, that’s all I can tell!

Much passion and happiness...

Katrina Kaif - Bollywood Beauty

A beautiful girl who got birth in England on 16th July 1984. Mother an English National holder and father was a Kashmir but having an English Nationality. She started modeling when she was simply 14, so after Few years she came to Mumbai and start to go region in distinct style shows as an example, payable to her easy and charming system looks she got an of celebrity among producers of bollywood. And as the bollywood producers do they offered her some films of bollywood at best Katrina was not involved but latter on she decided to behave in her best bollywood movie “BOOM” with the fable of bollywood Amitabh. Though this movie didn’t got then more popularity and too failed on corner agency but the folk got an original lovely cheek of Katrina.

Her beauty attracted everyone and that’s why all producers offered him their films. Katrina did a plenty of films but most of them got failed payable to many reasons. But now she is a productive actress of bollywood and her movie “NAMASTE LONDON” got really more publicity and made a document job. Recently she is doing the films “APNAY” which will be released shortly. And Katrina is the alone actress which demands for 5 hundred lakhs for an unmarried movie to ratify. Amazing. Remember that Katrina is having a plenty of fans and boyfriends in which on the side is our risk human SALMAN KHAN with whom she lives. I intend Katrina lives with Salman in his flat. And newly a paper published that Salman and Katrina are going to wed but buddy of Salman, Arbaz said that it’s not genuine..

Shaq, Lebron, Dwight Howard All-Star Dance-Off

Lebron and Shaq deliver a little saltation of during the NBA All Star weekend in Las Vegas.

Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story


In this fact-based wire TV play, Thora Birch stars as Liz Murray, the girl of a caring but exceedingly dysfunctional Bronx household. Weighed downward with a coke-addict father and a HIV-infected mother, Liz spends her earlier years shuttling from seedy flat to national protection and backwards again. At 15, she breaks off from her house living (what there is of it) and takes to the streets. Only after the death of her mother does Liz produce the decision to best her plenty in living. Virtually begging her manner backwards into higher school, she becomes a superb pupil, and at 19, with financing from a scholarship and a temporary work with the New York Public Interest Group, "born also-ran" Liz enters Harvard University. The genuine Liz Murray co-produced the movie and plays a cameo character as a cultural worker. Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story premiered April 7, 2003, on the Lifetime web. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Gulliver's Travels - 1968

Now this one is an odd artifact. With the Rolling Stones' manufacturer Andrew Loog Oldham at the helm, this is theoretically a conception slice of the nominal Gulliver. In use, this doesn't truly go away at all. What we have instead is a really earlier instance of what might now be considered sampling or a mash-up. The results are ever intriguing, if not ever amazing. This LP includes oodles of unlicensed harvesting from lot of period records, including the Small Faces, the Lovin' Spoonful, the 20th Century Fox fanfare, oodles of catalogue simple listening, and a piece of the Zodiac. It's heavily for me to still see away what was was created for the album and what was brought in from elsewhere as I oasis's heard every freaked away album from 1967-1968.

What we're left with so is the sonic travel itself, and it's pretty pleasant. We'll hurl musicianship out the window and concentrate on aspects more that we'd feel at with contemporary electronic DJs. The album tracks are inconceivable to make away, with simply the album sides marking a recess in the music, as contemporary mixture albums are limited by CD duration. It's sort of humor to hear to just to make away what you can know and what you can't. The album is like an extremely lysergic K-Tel mixture of oddities. Even among the uncontrolled experiment of the 60's, Gulliver's Travels is something else so. Giving this a hear is kind of like presenting yourself with a sonic quiz. Let's view how you do.

Quality: 3.5 out of 5
Trip-O-Meter: 4.5 out of 5

What is Macrame?

Macrame is the artwork and craft of ornamental knotting. Some twine and a few fundamental knots are all a hobbyist needs to research the possibilities of constructing jewellery, clothing, fence hangings, or plant holders. In the 1970s, the American fad for this craft was preceded by hundreds of years of Chinese macrame. Now, Western macrame attracts fibre artists, sewers, and imaginative crafters. Chinese macrame differs from contemporary macrame in a few important respects. First, there is simply one slice of chain folded in half, such that two strings participate the knot and two departure at the side. Also, the pieces are ever symmetrical and double-sided, so they depart a pocket in the centre. People keep semi-precious stones, carvings, or still fruit within the snarled folds. Some ornamental knot names are Monkey's Fist, Double Coin, and Good Luck.

Western macrame involves many threads of distinct colors or textures. From the infinite kinds of twine, you can select cannabis, silk, thread, embroidery floss, cord, precious alloy yarn, fleece, or still everyday kite chain. The weave, tone, awkwardness, and breadth will all impact the feel of the finished macrame. Also, you can make accessories within the snarled form to thematize your job. Many crafters accumulate beads, charms, seashells, and tassels made of ceramic, glass, alloy, or plastic to emphasize their pieces.

The fundamental supplies to start macrame are a knotting panel, T-pins, a form, and twine. The knotting panel, a thin slice of cardboard, cork, or froth, will have and extend the best "holding" chain horizontally, so the new steep threads fall downward at a correct slant. As the knots emerge, T-pins can have the pattern at sure intervals to hold it still, thin, and symmetrical, since the knots have some flexibility. With just a few easy knots you likely already recognize how to draw, you can have a belt or fence hanging. Most mundane knots can be traced backwards to sailors entertaining themselves with additional rope during lengthy months at ocean. A half-knot is the best matter you do in tying a shoelace. An angular knot is what most folk believe of when they learn "knot," two half-knots in opposite directions. A dual half-hitch, a variant on an angular knot, is where one chain bears the knot and the new chain wraps around it. An overhand knot is accomplished with just one string, where you make a looped knot onto itself. Once you have mastered these types of knots, you can investigate more complicated ones or just make up your own!

Tropic of Cancer

Tropic of Cancer, the parallel of latitude, or imagined cable around the ground, that marks the northern boundary of the tropics or Torrid Zone, an area where the mood is consistently hot. The Tropic of Cancer lies 23°27’ north of the equator and is the northern solstice—that is, it is the northernmost level where the sunlight appears immediately elevated at least one day a year. The sunlight reaches this obvious stance at noon on or about June 22 of each year; at this moment it appears at its highest level in the sky as seen from the northern hemisphere, and at its lowest level as seen from the south-central hemisphere.

This appointment marks the beginning of summertime for the northern hemisphere and is thus called the summertime solstice. In the south-central hemisphere, however, the seasons are reversed; this appointment marks the beginning of winter in the south-central hemisphere, and it is known there as the winter solstice. For the next six months the sunlight at noon appears lower each day in the northern hemisphere and high each day in the south-central hemisphere. Cancer is the Latin language for crab, and is the figure of one of the 12 sectors that old astrologers marked away in the zodiac, the ring of sky from 8° north to 8° south of the equator. In the 2nd century bc Greek stargazer Hipparchus observed that the sunlight appeared to be within the boundaries of Cancer at the moment of the summertime solstice in the northern hemisphere. Tropic of Cancer divides the tropics from the North Temperate Zone and crosses Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, the Sahara Desert of Africa, key India, south-central China, and the Pacific Ocean just northward of Hawaii.