Friday, 25 January 2008

Katrina Kaif - Bollywood Beauty

A beautiful girl who got birth in England on 16th July 1984. Mother an English National holder and father was a Kashmir but having an English Nationality. She started modeling when she was simply 14, so after Few years she came to Mumbai and start to go region in distinct style shows as an example, payable to her easy and charming system looks she got an of celebrity among producers of bollywood. And as the bollywood producers do they offered her some films of bollywood at best Katrina was not involved but latter on she decided to behave in her best bollywood movie “BOOM” with the fable of bollywood Amitabh. Though this movie didn’t got then more popularity and too failed on corner agency but the folk got an original lovely cheek of Katrina.

Her beauty attracted everyone and that’s why all producers offered him their films. Katrina did a plenty of films but most of them got failed payable to many reasons. But now she is a productive actress of bollywood and her movie “NAMASTE LONDON” got really more publicity and made a document job. Recently she is doing the films “APNAY” which will be released shortly. And Katrina is the alone actress which demands for 5 hundred lakhs for an unmarried movie to ratify. Amazing. Remember that Katrina is having a plenty of fans and boyfriends in which on the side is our risk human SALMAN KHAN with whom she lives. I intend Katrina lives with Salman in his flat. And newly a paper published that Salman and Katrina are going to wed but buddy of Salman, Arbaz said that it’s not genuine..

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