Friday, 25 January 2008

Johnny Depp to Substitute Heath Ledger in 'Dr. Parnassus'?

Missing their leading player Heath Ledger payable to his abrupt death last Tuesday, January 22, it was reported that the helmer of "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus" Terry Gilliman chose Ledger's supporter Johnny Depp to supplant him. According to reports, the unconventional Captain Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean" series was hand picked by the manager for the character.

A studio origin told The Sun, "Johnny's not working at the time then everyone is praying he will make it. " Still, it was mentioned that though the character would be given to the player, Ledger's go on the movie won't be re-shot. The insider explained, "There is a level in the movie when Heath falls through a magical mirror. He could alter into another role after that and that is where Johnny would go in. It's a strange, illusion, time-travel film then Heath's role could well alter show. It would be a touching time. "

Depp, whose latest film "Sweeney Todd" nominated for Academy Award, is presently involved with Michael Mann's crime play "Public Enemies" alongside Christian Bale, while his two new projects "Shantaram" and "The Rum Diary" are place on grip because of the writers' hit. On the word related to Ledger, The Sun reported that three days before his passing, the "A Knight's Tale" superstar had an angry bust-up with the movie's bosses because they refused to reshoot a picture which he was miserable with.

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