Friday, 25 January 2008

Paula Abdul Comes Back to Music (Ultimately)!

Move over Taylor Dayne, clear-cut the ways Whitney Houston, go a place Mariah Carey, and, J. Lo, go arrest a chicken…

This is likely the better word I’ve had then far this year (yes, I know the year is yet inexperienced.


Guess who’s coming backwards to music? However brief her yield might in fact be, the accuracy remains she’s yet got what it takes to be a productive recording artist in today’s marketplace:

Also, she’s presently in rehearsals to do at this year’s Superbowl in February, and during the pregame display, her music video for “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow” will have its video introduction(debut)!

Furthermore, it appears an uncut album is in the works, and should go away sometime subsequently this year!

I’m so excited, that’s all I can tell!

Much passion and happiness...

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