Wednesday, 6 February 2008

New Book Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition 2008

Anyone apperceive who was the aboriginal changeable video bold star? Nope, not Lara Croft from Tomb Raider or Samus Aran from Metroid. The answer? Ms. Pac-Man from Namco's 1982 coin-operated bold of the aforementioned name.

This bit of trivia, and hundreds of added video game-related facts and figures, can be begin in the countdown Gamer's Edition of the 2008 Guinness Apple Records.

Due out March 11 for $19.99, this book has entries alignment from 1978's Space Invaders (Canada's Eric Furrer holds the almanac for the longest bold anytime played: 38 hours and 30 minutes, bare bath breaks) to 2007's Halo 3 (the accomplished grossing bold in one day, breeding US$170 actor in the U.S. alone, on Sept. 25).

Guinness Apple Records: Gamer's Edition 2008 additionally appearance profiles of the world's best admired amateur and interviews with best gamers. Still, you ability be abiding you've baffled the apple almanac for fastest achievement time for a bold of Super Mario Bros. (five account flat). Gamers who accept their achievement is for the almanac books are encouraged to appointment the official Gamer's Edition website (gamers. to apprentice how to abide scores.

A few added absorbing gaming trivia tidbits:

Faiz Chopdat served the longest bastille book for arena a computer bold afterwards abnegation to about-face off his Tetris bold while aboard an airplane.

Biggest burial for a fabulous object? To mark the barrage of Guitar Hero II, a burial for air guitar was captivated in London, England, on Nov. 23, 2006, area 80, er, mourners gathered.

The aboriginal arcade bold to affection a stereo complete dent and soundtrack was Atari's Marble Madness.


Video gamers, accept up: Grab a Sharpie, breach out your agenda and amphitheater the date April 29.

That's the barrage date for Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV, the latest instalment in the mega-popular bold series.

As with its arguable predecessors, this agilely advancing aftereffect – for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 – will let gamers assignment their way up the bent abyss by demography on ailing missions in a alive city, carjacking cartage and agreeable in shootouts with battling gangs and cops. This time around, you'll comedy as Niko Bellic, a Russian immigrant who was absorbed to America by his artful accessory but anon discovers the streets are not paved with gold as promised.

Along with hi-res graphics, players can apprehend a huge New York City-esque metropolis, online multiplayer abutment and benefit agreeable for the Xbox 360 version.

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