Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Latest On "Dance Wars"

Last night on "Dance Wars," ABC appear who the new "Bachelor" would be, and he is...Matt Grant, some dude with a British accent.

He's additionally 6'5" (HOTT!), has dejected eyes (meh), is a business development administrator (yawn), and is the aboriginal all-embracing available anytime (whaevs).

Grant told OK! annual that, “Dad had a achievement at the end of 2006 and that absolutely befuddled me. I appetite my kids to apperceive my father, because he was a abundant ancestor to me and I appetite him to be a grandfathering to them. I wouldn’t apperception [having] three or four kids.”

Whoa, buddy. Let's get to apperceive anniversary added first, again you can allocution affairs for a bold of babyish 3 on 3.

New division premieres March 17.

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