Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Laura Silverman

If you didn’t apperceive abundant about actor Sarah Silverman, you acceptable heard the fizz aftermost anniversary about her video for admirer Jimmy Kimmel, area she accepted her activity with Matt Damon (appropriately blue-blooded “I’m F**king Matt Damon”)… but what about Sarah Silverman’s sister, Laura Silverman?

While Laura Silverman hasn’t gotten absolutely so abundant absorption as sis Sarah Silverman, she is still a accomplished extra and absolutely one to attending for. Laura Silverman’s better role has been in the Lisa Kudrow alternation “The Comeback,” but now Laura can be apparent on Sarah’s appropriately blue-blooded Comedy Central show, “The Sarah Silverman Program” — arena Sarah Silverman’s sister.

Laura Silverman additionally appeared in Sarah’s cine “Jesus is Magic,” and it was nice to see her get a role on “The Sarah Silverman Program.” Laura Silverman is absolutely a quiet attendance on the appearance — the calmer, added rational sister that lives in reality, but I anticipate it’s a nice antithesis to Sarah’s craziness.

But, is Laura Silverman active in the adumbration of her added acclaimed sister? I anticipate she’s accomplishing alright — Laura Silverman has a bedfellow role on tonight’s adventure of “House.” The video aloft is a promo/preview blow for tonight’s “House,” blue-blooded “Don’t Ever Change.”

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