Tuesday, 19 February 2008

How Tall Is Tom Cruise?

How Tall Is Tom Cruise? - In what could be the best arguable analysis in Hollywood this year, our readers accept told us that cine amateur Tom Cruise is beneath 3ft tall!

That's beneath than a alpine dog.

A amazing 35,000 of our readers claimed that, based on his cine assignment and accessible appearances, Tom Cruise is little added than a dwarf.

Tom Cruise's official acme is 5ft 7in. But the analysis of our readers says that he isn't, with alone 4 bodies voting that he was 5ft 7in tall, out of the bags who casting their vote.

A specialist in cine brilliant heights told us:

"No amount how alpine Tom claims to be, bodies aloof accumulate adage he is shorter."

In a agnate analysis in 1998, Tom Cruise was 5ft 9in.

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