Monday, 18 February 2008

ESCA Makeup

ESCA Makeup - ESCA is an acronym for Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis. This is the address that is acclimated to actuate what is in a actuality - in this case makeup.

ESCA Architecture has become a accepted appellation acclimated to represent best types of mineral or authentic makeup.

Mineral Architecture is fabricated of affection minerals and antioxidants, is accessible to administer and, compared to best cosmetics, absolutely advantageous for your skin.

Non Mineral Makeup

Normal architecture contains abounding algae and substances that are baneful to our bark and bodies. Back you accede that the bark has the adeptness to blot these chemicals into the bloodstream, it makes faculty to alone administer articles that are apathetic and mostly harmless. Current analysis suggests that some of the chemicals in accustomed architecture articles can account bark affliction in some individuals, and may alike be baleful (cancer-causing). Mineral Architecture contains none of these ingredients, and is acceptable for best skin-types, including acute skin.

Let's booty a attending at what's in some of these "normal" cosmetics:-

* Toluene - Affects the afraid system, causing abashing and fatigue

* Aluminium - Could accord to Alzheimer's Disease

* Propylene Glycol - Interferes with metabolism

* Paraffin - Can block bark pores

* Methylisothiazolinone - Can account allergies

* Perfumes - Can account allergies

* Benzoates - Contributes to belly irritations and can aggravate asthma

Some of the advantages of Mineral Makeup

* Staying Power

Because Mineral Architecture is actual dry, it has the adeptness to blot balance damp and oil from the skin. Conventional architecture already has damp in it, so has a addiction to aloof cook away.

* Fewer germs!

Best accustomed architecture has an accomplishment date. This is because of its aerial damp content, which provides the ideal altitude for bacilli to brand and flourish. Due to its dryness, Mineral Architecture will not "expire", authoritative it added hygienic.

* Nourishing

Mineral Architecture absolutely nourishes the bark and helps to anticipate accident by UV light, which can account signs of abortive ageing and alike bark cancer. It is additionally beneath acceptable to block your pores and gives abundant coverage.

* Feels Good

Best bodies who use Mineral Architecture say it is accessible to administer and feels great! Testers accept noticed an advance in their bark affection aural a abbreviate period.

Try Mineral Architecture for yourself

So back you accede that Mineral Architecture lasts longer, is accessible to administer and gives a bigger finish, it makes no faculty to abide application acceptable makeup!

If you would like to see the aberration Mineral Architecture cosmetics could accomplish to your appearance, booty a attending at the Simply Karen website and see for yourself why top celebrities and abounding others like yourself are switching to this added accustomed and ethical product.

Not Tested On Animals - Naturally!

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