Saturday, 26 January 2008

Highest Grossing NC 17 Movie?

Another hunt that came out of nowhere. What is the highest grossing nc-17 film? I marvel where these searches go from. It’s nearly like it’s from a game show who seek’s to be a Google millionaire. When it comes to movies; I know them. And when it comes to NC-17 movies. I know them still more.

The highest grossing NC 17 Movie of all moment is: ShowGirls

It grossed 20. 3 million dollars at the corner agency. Show Girls was an exceedingly favorite film. I think Showgirls made then more money just because of they hoopla of the NC-17 brand. The film itself sucked.

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kozz said...

An episode of "1 vs 100" featured this question as a sneak peek after the contestant ran out of "helps". The contestant chose not to continue, so the answer was never revealed. That's why I searched for it (and found this page).