Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Hurray! Jessica Alba Has Giant Boobs!

Oh it has already started: JessicaAlba's boobs are getting bigger and bigger every day! Jessica Alba's boobs are getting biggerand bigger with every day passing, and that's because she's pregnant!Yes it's official Jessica Alba is is pregnant with boyfriend CashWarren's child, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively. Great, I'm happyfor her! To be honest all i really care about is her boobs! That'sprobably the only thing i appreciate on a pregnant woman: her growingboobs! Same happened with Christina Aguilera if you remember! She gotpregnant and even though at first she was trying to hide her belly,her boobs were definitely getting bigger! And if you haven't heardjust yet, Aguilera gave birth to a baby, on Saturday 10:05 PM! Anyway back to Jessica Alba She's still looking hot and i say weshould take advantage of her goodies while we still can! Let's stickto her boobs for the moment, believe they're gonna growing likepopcorn, it only takes time! Patience my friend, is a virtue... or something like that!

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