Sunday, 13 January 2008

Shah Rukh Injured, Braves it for his Protégé's Premiere

The one quality in Shah Rukh Khan that seems more appreciable than all others is the generosity with which he supports his friends and protégés. The most recent beneficiary of his largesse is the My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves wana-shine Nikhil Dwivedi. Not only has Shah Rukh been supporting Dwivedi’s starry dreams he has also been making sure the boy is seen in public places with the superstar.

After making his presence felt at the music release of Nikhil's film, Shah Rukh showed up at the film's premiere on Wednesday night with his leg obviously in pain. The star had injured his leg while rehearsing his steps for the Screen awards. "It was really very nice of him," says Nikhil. "The injury was an old one. But he hurt himself in the same leg while rehearsing for his performance at the awards." Shah Rukh couldn't stay for the whole film. Nevertheless, promised to catch up with My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves in a couple of days.

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