Sunday, 20 January 2008

Tom Cruise New Video: “Psychiatry Doesn’t Work”

Another Tom Cruise video has surfaced.

In the video — which has been removed from YouTube — he dismisses psychiatry and claims that Scientologists “have the ability to crush” drug companies.

Alternating between laughing and whispering, the actor, 46, says, “We actually have an easier time getting people off heroin and methadone than these psychiatric drugs, and I’ve worked very diligently to educate people about this.

“We have the ability to be able to fight [drug companies] to be able to crush these guys.”

Staring intently into the camera, he declares, “Oh, I’m going hard on those guys, and their reign ... psychiatrists. I’ve had…I mean…I’ve absolutely had it. It’s disgusting to me... No mercy... None... Psychiatry doesn’t work.

“When you study the effects…it’s a crime against humanity.”

He later recalls meeting a journalist. “I was doing an interview with someone [and] she said, ‘I want to know who you are,’” Cruise said, “and I said, ‘Know...I’m a Scientologist.’”

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