Friday, 15 February 2008

Bigfoot Photos

There is a website out on the internet alleged Our Bigfoot. There are photos and videos acquaint on the armpit that are declared to be of Bigfoot. Digging into the website, I begin some absorbing things.

Here is what the website has to say about its founders:

Lewis DuPlatt has been belief and documenting Bigfoot for decades, afterward in the "big foot" accomplish of his father. Maybe, we should aback clue a bit. His father, Ron DuPlatt was hunting white appendage deer and abnormality through an Ohio dupe in 1956, back he stumbled aloft a Bigfoot beastly bubbler baptize from a stream. At that time, Bigfoot was not a frequently accepted animal, as he is today. Later that day, as Ron began to chase library abstracts for any added accounts of added Bigfoot sightings, he was afraid that Bigfoot absolutely had a history in abounding cultures. Ron’s activity had changed…or as he alleged it, "I’m ruined." This was Ron’s way of anecdotic his absolute arresting absorption in award and documenting this amazing beastly of the North American woodlands.

Ron DuPlatt began analytic the breadth of the aboriginal Bigfoot analysis for tracks, fur, feces, beastly kills and annihilation abroad that ability advice him locate the Bigfoot, again. Eventually, he disconnected calm a aisle which led him to a cavern nearby. It was in 1958 that Ron’s attraction with the ambiguous beastly angry into a abounding time job of celebratory Bigfoot. His brother Richard endemic a architecture aggregation of ample size, and this accustomed him to accounts Ron’s ambitions. Eventually in the 1960’s, Ron was able to abduction his aboriginal video of the creature. This presented a huge problem: the albatross of how to absolution this invaluable affidavit to the public. Ron couldn’t appear to agreement with administration this absurd beastly to the world, as he was anxious about the Bigfoot’s survival. In his mind, they had become about "friends." Could he abandon his abstruse friends? Ron DuPlatt died in 1985, at age 74, accepting never appear his evidence.

Ron’s son, Lewis DuPlatt, began activity with him into the Ohio wilderness as a youngster in the backward 1960’s. After his father’s death, Lewis connected to beam the Bigfoot animals with his own accouchement — alike to this day. He, too, has struggled as to whether or not the absolution of the Bigfoot affirmation would advice or abuse the creatures. Lewis did not alone appetite to assure the Bigfoot, but he additionally capital to account his father’s wishes.

In 2005, Lewis DuPlatt had a dream which afflicted his apperception apropos the Bigfoot evidence. In Lewis’ dream, his ancestor (Ron) was speaking to him. Ron apprenticed his son to allotment the information; and that he had been amiss not to do so! Lewis says the dream was so vivid, that he had no agnosticism his asleep ancestor visited him from the spirit apple to aimlessly accomplish a appeal to absolution the Bigfoot evidence…at atomic some of it. This website will attack to do so…

The domain,, however, is registered to a Louis Duplain. Hmmm, Lewis DuPlatt and Louis Duplain…very similar.

Next are some links to some photographs of Bigfoot, evidently taken by the founders of the site. Actuality is one that is rather interesting.

Click on image for full-size version

And now for a closer view…

Click on image for full-size version

And now for a even more closer view…

The aloft bigfoot pictures were taken in 2002, abreast Delroy, Ohio. This bigfoot coursing afraid us to death! My sons and I were charged, and rocks were befuddled at us from this actual bigfoot in the pictures above. The bigfoot appeared actual abashed and affronted that we were afterward her. We accept this to accept been a female, conceivably attention its young. After the aloft photographs, we acquainted it best to leave the area, due to its aggressiveness.

So what do the readers of Cryptomundo think? Did they get a absolutely accurately focused photo of a Bigfoot analytical about a tree? Or is it aloof one in a continued band of hoaxed photos?

For updates on the absolute adventure abaft, analysis out these updates actuality on Cryptomundo.

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