Saturday, 2 February 2008

Killing of glamour model-bodyguard shocks Russian Capital

Anna Loginova was, for abounding Russians, a feminine figure -- bridging the alluring apple of clay and the black base of Russian crime.

But this week, the beauteous Loginova became a victim of the abyss she fabricated abiding could not get to her millionaire clients. She was dead aggravating to stop a bandit burglary her own car on a active Moscow street.

As a allure model, 29-year-old Loginova generally appeared on the covers of Russian magazines, almost clad. She fronted advertisements for high-profile brands in Russia, like the German carmaker BMW.

But abaft the bright images, Loginova had addition profession: She was an accomplished bodyguard, accomplished in aggressive arts, advantageous aerial prices to assure Russia's affluent elite. One notable applicant was Russian boxer Kostya Tszyu.

Having a changeable babysitter is added than aloof a cachet attribute in Russia. Industry assembly say women bodyguards are not apparent and, thus, accustomed to sit at tables with their audience during dinners and added contest -- clashing their macho aeon who are usually affected to delay in the lobby.

Those who knew Loginova say she was amorous about her bifold life, adage she saw no bucking amid her delicacy and her alarming job as a bodyguard.

"She was affectionate and sweet, not like a terminator, not like Sigourney Weaver in 'Aliens,'" said Igor Cherski, editor of Maxim magazine's Russian edition, which commissioned her aftermost allure shoot.

"But I feel that she was not abashed of anything. There was no abhorrence in her eyes," he added.

It seems that adventurousness may accept gotten her killed. On a active artery in southeastern Moscow on Sunday night, badge say they recovered her aged anatomy afterwards she approved to anticipate her Porsche Cayenne from actuality baseborn -- adhering on to the high-end SUV as it sped away. The agent was after begin abandoned.

"According to eyewitnesses, an burglar aloof threw her out of the car," explains Oleg Pavlov, a appropriate badge investigator in allegation of the investigation.

"She affective the aperture handle, but aback the car took off and best up speed, she let go."

No one has been arrested in affiliation with the killing.

Russian media accept been giving the killing arresting coverage, with assemblage cogent their shock that this affectionate of abomination could happen.

But affluence car annexation in Moscow is not uncommon, and Loginova herself was no drifter to it. In her aftermost annual interview, she declared how she aghast addition carjacking aloof four months ago as she anchored her car alfresco a blatant Moscow appearance boutique.

"So while I was closing my car, a guy of 30 years old or hardly earlier jumped on me," Loginova said. "So I did a jujitsu move -- I angled his duke that affective mine, and addled him in the face with my elbow. It was a absolute abruptness for him.

"As he was aptitude aback accoutrement his face, I pulled a pistol from my bag and aimed it at him. He acutely accomplished that was no joke," she said. "Then a car anon pulled up nearby, article like a Honda, a aphotic car, and he jumped into it. And I still stood there with my pistol. I was absolutely abashed too."

That acquaintance allegedly emboldened Loginova to avert her car for a additional time. But she was overwhelmed. Even the appalling abilities of Russia's best acclaimed -- and alluring -- babysitter couldn't save her.

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