Friday, 29 February 2008

Teyon and Keyon

Teyon and Keyon - The interest for the arrest of strange gay porno Teyon twins' and 'Keyon' exploded on the Net this week even entering information in the national press, the history. The brothers at the age of 26 years and Taleon-Keyontyli Goffney appeared in a number of gay-porno videos were arrested in the last week in a series of robbery suspect through three states.The Associated Press, as one of several other institutions of the national press, lept on the strange history of gay porno twin suspected criminals in this week. The story broke on top on the website gossip on several websites, including Perez Hilton, and has rapidly through the world of gay media. Now biggest sales outlets of the press, as the AP and the Philadelphia Daily News have blocked tells very provocative.

The twin brothers, at the age of 26 years Taleon and Keyontyli Goffney, were arrested in the past week after burglarizing a pharmacy Rite Aid in Philadelphia. The brothers, Perez Hilton, and others blogger on the Web site, so that the gay porno actors who are suspected in a spree of at least 35 to 40 more flights, more than three states. The twins have their voice in the videos on sites like and under the name 'Teyon' and 'Keyon'.

In the last robbery, the couple would have cut a hole in the roof of the store and went into the building by a rope. This scenario failure is like a chain of other predators in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware after

The authorities believe that the police two men responsible may be from 35 to up to 40 flights by burglary and theft qualified. In the most recent incident, the brothers vandalisées and stole the money from a cash machine in the Rite Aid store and emptied the cash register. Keyontyli was on the spot after alerting the police, the introduction collapses. Taleon escape, but was later caught.

Taleon Goffney pleaded guilty this week to an arrest and malicious acts of a previous case in the framework of an agreement on the plea, according to the Post Courier. In an earlier judgement on the costs associated with drugs, Taleon a daring escape from the authorities broke the window of a police patrol car and jumps into a lake, but also in handcuffs. Dave Kunkel head of the police told the "Daily News" that Taleon swam away on the lake, and cried "You'll never catch me."

He was caught, but eventually. Taleon has also guilty of burglary in two cases, in New Jersey, his lawyer said in the Inquirer. It is always held in a prison in Philadelphia, according to the AP. Keyontyli after bail.

Keyontyli Goffney maintains a website for modeling / Keyon / index and participated in a national campaign under clothing. The two brothers have appeared in a number of gay porno videos, according to Rod 2.0.

Some pictures from the advertising-porn vidoes (which can be found here, you distrust viewers) seem to show incestous activities between the two men.

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