Wednesday, 5 March 2008

David Hernandez Stripper Idol (VIDEO)

David Hernandez Stripper Idol (VIDEO) - The show will continue! Proviso David Hernandez makes his moves correct, he might be a main star after tonight. The currently exposed former male stripper who gave men report bare lap dances will continue tonight in what extremely well can be a ratings blast for the television show American Idol. “Best of the Web” first show bare pictures of the American Idol contestant seeing that a male stripper. (For those pictures click here). And now here is extra!!

As quickly as the video come live tonight, we will enclose it for you!

In accordance with a report by Dick’s Cabaret in Phoenix manager Gordy Bryan to AP, Hernandez dance nude, and with lap dances, for male regulars in the strip club.

Fox has while not commented on the disclosure. Hernandez has not been accessible for remark.

Paradoxically, “On a video post on, Hernandez said he broke the lease on his apartment building and lived out of his car ahead of auditioning for “Idol.” And, as soon as asked in a Q&A posted on the site which talent would he would most adore have if he couldn’t sing, Hernandez responded: “Dancing! I’m awful at that. ” Source

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