Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Founder of Wikipedia Troubled By Rachel Marsden

Founder of Wikipedia Troubled By Rachel Marsden - TV personality Rachel Marsden and Founder of Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales had an abrupt accord and now an absinthian Marsden is demography the alienation to eBay. Marsden is auctioning off claimed accouterment items that Wales larboard at her apartment. Marsden claims Wales bankrupt up with her via Wikipedia.

Marsden acquaint photos of herself on eBay on Sunday to accompany items she says were larboard abaft in her New York City accommodation by Wales, the Founder of Wikipedia who has himself accepted he was briefly complex with the Canadian media personality.

Wikipedia is an accepted online album that has an access on Marsden that has itself been the accountable of controversy.

“Hi, my name is Rachel and my (now ex-) boyfriend, Founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales, aloof bankrupt up with me via an advertisement on Wikipedia,” Marsden says in her eBay posting.

“It was such a chic move that I was aggressive to do article appropriately chic myself, so I’m affairs a brace of items of accouterment he larboard behind, actuality in my NYC apartment, on eBay. Jimbo was declared to appear appointment me in a brace of weeks and aces up some of his stuff, but acutely that won’t be accident now.”

Marsden has a continued afraid history with men and ex-boyfriends. She rose to acclaim afterwards claiming she was sexually addled by a drillmaster at Simon Fraser University. The drillmaster that was afterwards reinstated claims he was absolutely actuality stalked by Marsden.

She best afresh accused a boyfriend, who was a counter-intelligence administrator for Canada, of aperture classified abstracts to her.

Marsden was afresh accursed from actuality an analyst on the abhorrent Fox News appearance ‘Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld’. She additionally seems to accept been accursed from the blow of her commentating jobs as well.

It seems to me that Rachel Marsden is an absorption whore of ballsy and alarming proportions. She suckers men in (literally perhaps) and again creates a blaze as big as she can afterwards they dump her in an accomplishment to abash them and accompany disproportionate absorption to herself.

She was additionally begin accusable of criminally afflictive a Vancouver radio host afterwards their break-up.

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