Saturday, 8 March 2008

Marion Jones Goes To Prison

Marion Jones Goes To Prison - Marion Jones began her six-month punishment in federal prison Friday, abuse for lying to board about application performance-enhancing drugs and her role in a check-fraud scam. The above Olympic clue brilliant angry herself in afore apex Friday at Federal Medical Center Cars well, amid on the Naval Air Station, Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth, Bureau of prison backer Traci Billingsley said.

Under the agreement of her sentencing, she had until Tuesday to lay down your arms to prison officials.

Although the prison specializes in medical and brainy bloom services, it additionally has inmates who do not crave such care. Billingsley said she could not animadversion on whether Marion Jones was accepting specialized care.

Marion Jones won three gold and two brownish medals in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, acceptable conceivably the best acclaimed and bankable changeable amateur in the world.

After frequently abstinent anytime accepting acclimated performance-enhancing drugs, Jones accepted she had aria to federal board in November 2003. Marion Jones additionally accepted lying about her ability of the captivation of Tim Montgomery, the ancestor of her earlier son, in an arrangement to banknote millions of dollars account of baseborn or artificial checks.

Marion Jones was bedeviled in January to six months of Bastille time and 400 hours of association account in anniversary of the two years afterward her release. She was bedeviled to six months on the steroids case and two months on the analysis artifice case, but was acceptable to serve those sentences concurrently.

Federal Adjudicator Kenneth Kara’s imposed the best book appropriate in Jones' appeal deal; blank her lawyers' appeal for a probation-only sentence. The check-fraud arrangement was an above crime, and the advanced use of steroids "affects the candor of able-bodied competition," the adjudicator said.

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