Sunday, 9 March 2008

Police Arrest Man In Auburn Killing

Police Arrest Man In Auburn Killing - Police accept arrested a man in the killing of Auburn University freshman Lauren Burk, who died this week, according to the Auburn, Alabama, junior police chief.

Courtney Larrell Lockhart, 23, of Smiths, Alabama, is answerable with basic annihilation during a kidnapping, basic annihilation during a robbery, and basic annihilation during an attempted rape, Tommy Dawson said Saturday.

The Phenix City Badge Department took Lockhart into aegis on Friday, badge said. Phenix City is about 35 miles southeast of Auburn.

Investigators accept the suspect's photo, which was added with the advice of NASA, Dawson said, according to The Associated Press. Dawson said the photo matched Lockhart, but he beneath to say how badge got the photo or why they anticipate Lockhart is affiliated to the crime.

Burk, 18, from Marietta, Georgia, was beginning attempt on Arctic College Street, a few afar arctic of campus, on Tuesday night. She died afterwards at a hospital.

Minutes afterwards badge responded to the alarm advertisement an afflicted being and begin Burk, they begin a car -- which angry out to be Burk's -- on blaze in a campus parking lot.

Dawson told reporters Friday that authorities anticipate gasoline or addition accelerant was acclimated to burn Burk's car, and badge were investigating whether a gas can begin in city Auburn was connected. Badge appetite to investigate every accessible lead, Dawson said.

Authorities were still on convoying in the east Alabama campus, he said.

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