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Race (2008) Movie Review

Race (2008) Movie Review - Race was the most-awaited release this year but the movie review does not seem to be that exciting. I’ve surfed through many ‘Race movie reviews‘ but couldn’t find one which really lives up to the hype, the movie had generated prior to it’s release.

You know I don’t write about many movie reviews… only the ones which I think everyone is anticipating about.

Race is a typical Abbas-Mustan Bollywood masala movie with a star-cast to be jealous of. Though the critics have slammed the movie by giving it anything between 2-3.5 stars, user reviews have been exciting.

Race is the story of two brothers Ranvir Singh (Saif Ali Khan) and his alcoholic younger brother Rajiv Singh (Akshaye Khanna). Their life revolves around horse racing – from owning a stud farm to betting huge money on them, the two millionaires can’t see beyond the thrills of fast cars and fast horses.

The first half of the movie is made very well, you don’t get bored or anything as such but the 2nd half was kind of weak, specially the character of RD (Anil Kapoor), which was sketched on the lines of the famous investigator, Karamchand.

On the acting front, Saif was good, Akshay was better, really liked the way his character was shaping up throughout the movie. Bipasha Basu was in kind of confused state of mind all the time. Katrina was at her worst (shockingly!) and Sameera Reddy should go back to the South-Indian films.

Overall the film is not bad but a large amount of credit for that goes to the editor and to Allan Amin – the man behind all the action. Abbas Mastan will draw in fans to the box office largely because of the multi star line up and for the infamous Bipasha Basu – Saif Ali Khan lovemaking number (which let us warn you isn’t all that much!).

In my opinion, the movie, driven by it’s cast and action-scenes will do a reasonably good business. And I would give it a three star rating.

Race (2008) Movie Trailer:

Race is reasonable enough to win a ‘not bad’ stamp. But isn’t imaginative enough to gain a ‘good’ tag.


Saif Ali Khan
Akshaye Khanna
Katrina Kaif
Bipasha Basu
Anil Kapoor
Sameera Reddy

Director : Abbas-Mastan
Musician : Pritam

That's Race (2008) Movie Review

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