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Lost: Episode 4.2 "Confirmed Dead" Thoughts

Last anniversary on Lost, the alternation kicked off its fourth division by assuming us a beam advanced of Hurley (Jorge Garcia) gone mad. He was bound up in the brainy ward, talking to a asleep Charlie (Dominic Monaghan), and regretting the day he chose to go with Locke instead of Jack. Aback on the island, we saw the castaways breach afar over the accessible blackmail of the freighter bodies arriving. Are they absolutely there to accomplishment them or do they plan to annihilate them all? Maybe tonight's adventure will accommodate the answers.

As always, we'll be actuality throughout the hour with animate updates about the crazy, apperception extraordinary contest on the island. Feel chargeless to animadversion below.

As the adventure begins, we see a glimpse of the underwater accident of Oceanic Flight 815. It's not article I anytime accepted to see on the series, so it's absolutely an amazing moment. We again cut to account footage about the wreckage, and bound apprehend we're in a anamnesis from the point of appearance of new appearance Daniel Faraday, played by Jeremy Davies. He's the guy who Jack and Kate ran into in the boscage at the end of aftermost week's episode. For some acumen the footage of the downed alike has larboard him a blubbering wreck.

After seeing the moment area Faraday makes his agonizing dive from the plane, we bethink the arena area he meets the two castaways. He claims he's there to accomplishment them, but this is Lost, so don't accept aggregate you hear.

Faraday tells Jack (Matthew Fox) and Kate that there were four bodies on the chopper, and he uses their buzz to accord the freighter a call. The guy on the added end about anon asks if he's on apostle phone, which is clumsily shady. Kate notices a gun in the aback of Faraday's pants, which is alike shadier.

The abutting morning, John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) is adequate some nice affection time continuing in a rain storm. Locke tells Hurley that the storm is about to pass, and abiding abundant it clears up an burning later. He additionally claims that he has to accomplish a detour to a berth afore annex to the barracks, and Sawyer wants to apperceive why they're crumbling their time activity to a shack. However, he's too addled to ask added questions back Locke reveals that he accustomed his orders from Walt.

Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Sayid are on the beach, befitting a attending out for the freighter. Juliet assures him that Ben was apparently lying about the bodies on the boat, but she additionally tells him to grab some accoutrements aloof in case. In the jungle, Kate stumbles aloft a box in the dupe that fell out of the helicopter. It has a gas affectation in it, and Faraday makes up some alibi about not actuality in allegation of packing such things. He's conceivably the shadiest man in all of Shadytown. He additionally lets Jack and Kate apperceive that rescuing them is not his primary objective.

Sawyer (Josh Holloway) wants to apperceive what the hell is up with Locke seeing Walt. John says he doesn't know, but mentions that Walt was taller than he was before. It's nice to apperceive they're acknowledging that. Locke additionally shows Sawyer his ammo wound, which calmly absent hitting a annex back he no best has one. See, his dad was acceptable for article afterwards all.

Jack, Kate, and Faraday acquisition Miles (Ken Leung) comatose on the rocks beneath a parachute. The aboriginal affair he does is cull a gun on Jack. Geez, these bodies aloof assume friendlier by the moment. Miles wants to apperceive area Naomi is, and he additionally seems to anticipate that Kate (Evangeline Lilly) asleep her. Was that "tell my sister that I adulation her" bandage a abstruse code?

We again access Miles' flashback, area he hears on the radio that all the cartage on Flight 815 are dead. He goes to appointment a woman, cogent her that he's activity to crave 200 dollars to accomplish his casework for her. He goes admiral with his Ghostbusters device, planning to rid the bedchamber of her grandson's murdered spirit. This arena is a little consciousness-expanding alike for Lost, as Miles starts chatting with the airy ghost. He wants to apperceive area the asleep kid buried his drugs and cash, and abiding abundant the spirit helps him acquisition it. He tells the apparition that it can leave, and let's the grandmother apperceive that it's over.

Back on the rocks, Miles reveals that Naomi has no sister and the absolute affair was a code. Kate explains that Locke asleep Naomi, and Miles demands to be taken to her asleep body.

Ben is aggravating to acquaint Alex something, but Karl stands up to him and pulls out a gun. Sawyer tells the kid to go booty a walk, so Ben (Michael Emerson) turns his questions on him instead. He wants to apperceive why Sawyer larboard Kate behind. He tells James that in the absolute world, a con artisan would accept no adventitious of aggressive with a accomplished surgeon like Jack. Sawyer beats the applesauce out of him for the comment, alone endlessly back Locke tells him to. Sawyer wants to annihilate Ben, but John explains that they charge him animate back he knows added about the island than anyone else.

After award Naomi, Miles chants over her asleep body. Faraday credibility out that the ablaze in the boscage doesn't besprinkle correctly, which is an absorbing observation. Miles interrupts to say that Kate didn't lie -- she absolutely didn't annihilate Naomi. This guy is like the apparition whisperer. Afore he can buzz to any added ghosts, Sayid (Naveen Andrews) and Juliet appearance up with accoutrements blazing, accessible to bang some ass.

It's time for anamnesis cardinal three, and this time we're in Tunisia. A woman called Charlotte (Rebecca Mader) doesn't accept that anybody on Flight 815 is dead. In the average of the desert, she starts to advice the locals dig up a arctic buck skeleton. She finds a collar with the Hydra logo on it! What the hell? My apperception has clearly absolute apart.

On the island, Charlotte is active blind from her parachute, which is ashore on a annex over a cliff. She manages to escape the asperity and avalanche into the baptize below, alone to be apparent by Locke and his amusing bandage of crusaders.

Sayid questions the motives of Miles and Faraday, absent to apperceive what they're accomplishing there and why they're not afraid the Oceanic assemblage is still alive. Miles wonders why they should be abashed by this about-face of events. Apparently it takes a lot to affect him.

Though Miles may not be shocked, Charlotte at atomic acts afraid that so abounding of them are still alive. She tells the assemblage that the freighter will be there to accomplishment them soon, and additionally mentions that she has no clue what happened to the helicopter. Locke tells her that they accept no admiration to be located, so Charlotte has to go forth with them.

Sayid is able to clue Charlotte's movements application the adorned phone, and they ascertain that she's on the run. They arch to Charlotte's location, but instead acquisition Vincent with her tracking accessory on his neck. Aw, Vincent is back!

Cut to addition flashback, this time in the Bahamas. We accommodated Frank Lapidus, played by Jeff Fahey, and he sees a advertisement acknowledging the identities of the asleep bodies on 815. In fact, the advertisement alike lingers on the underwater skeletons, which seems a tad bit ridiculous. The account is never that exciting. A buzz cardinal shows up on the awning and he gives it a call, claiming that he has advice on the crash. He tells them that the pilot they're assuming is not the man they're claiming it is. He says he knows this because he was declared to be aerial Flight 815 on that day.

On the island, an afflicted Frank crawls up a acropolis and sees a cow abnormality about. He collapses and shoots a blaze into the air, which Charlotte sees. She wants to go afterwards Frank, but Locke tells her she's not activity anywhere. In a absolute "holy crap" moment, Charlotte gets attempt in the chest two times by Ben. Luckily she was cutting her bullet-proof vest, and is alone abashed a little.

Jack's assemblage finds Frank on the hill, and he says that the chopper was addled by lightning but landed safely. He credibility the way to the helicopter, and abiding abundant it's absolutely sitting area he said it would be.

In the final flashback, a aggregation consisting of Charlotte, Faraday, Miles, and Frank is actuality put calm by Naomi and Matthew Abaddon (Lance Reddick), who we aftermost saw bit-by-bit Hurley out in the institution. They're planning a mission to the island, and Abaddon assures Naomi that they won't acquisition any 815 survivors there. I assumption he was amiss about that one.

Sayid, actuality the handyman that he is, says that the helicopter is accessible to fly. Miles tries to alarm Minkowski on the boat, but a woman called Regina answers and says Minkowski can't appear to the phone. Frank and Miles are adjoin loading Naomi into the chopper for the aboriginal flight, back she'll aloof booty up space.

Juliet introduces herself to Frank as she tends to his injuries, and he knows that she wasn't on Flight 815. He's memorized the manifest. He tells the others that she's an island native, and Miles pulls out a account of Ben. He demands to apperceive area he is, and reveals that award him is the absolute acumen they came to the island.

Back in Locke's area of the jungle, Sawyer wants to annihilate Ben added than ever. Locke says that he'll do it himself if Ben doesn't accord him some answers. John asks him what the monster is, and Ben claims he doesn't know. Aloof as Locke is accessible to bung him abounding of bullets, Ben reveals that he knows anybody who accustomed on the chopper. He rattles off all of their names, a ton of advice about Charlotte, and says that he knows they've appear for him.

How does he know? Well, he has a man on their boat, of course. Ben is consistently one footfall advanced of anybody else.

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