Friday, 8 February 2008

Yahoo! Live Goes live..... Then Dies

Yahoo! has launched Live, their access into lifecasting. Unfortunately, an absurdity bulletin tells us that due to the aerial bulk of cartage the armpit is currently getting, the bandwidth banned for the armpit are actuality exceeded - and thus, Alive is not absolutely live.

For abrupt bulk of time I was able to see it beforehand this evening, the armpit did attending actual nice. Yahoo! is the aboriginal absolute above Internet amateur to try to accouterment the almost new trend of lifecasting - basically active alive alive video of yourself as you do anything. The big name in this acreage appropriate now is (our coverage), with Ustream and Mogulus actuality added big players.

Yahoo’s Alive Blog describes their intentions for the armpit as:

“Y! Alive was dreamed up as a way to accomplish it accessible for anyone to actualize their own alive video experience. Broadcast the concert you’re at. Webcast your own alive DJ set. Lifecast. Build your own alive video acceleration dating application. We’ve created a website and an API that lets you do all these things and abounding more.”

It’s acceptable to see Yahoo! advanced of their capital competitors actuality in ablution such a service. Perhaps this is the array of adventure they should accept been attempting aftermost year afore things got to the point to area Microsoft launched a adverse bid to booty them over.

Yahoo’s Bradley Horowitz acquaint a bulletin on his Twitter annual beforehand today:

“ is, well, live… Help us drove it with load.”

Mission: Accomplished.

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