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Top 25 Most Tragic Deaths In Music History

Top 25 Most Tragic Deaths In Music History - When you stop and anticipate about it, so abounding bedrock legends accept died like: Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and Bob Marley to name a few. capital to pay accolade to our admired asleep bedrock heroes, so we absitively to accord them a able shout-out and an obituary so they could abide actuality remembered. But remember, we couldn't account every distinct rockstar afterlife so we came up with the Top 25 best adverse deaths in music history.

25. GG Allin:

He was the best abominable accompanist in bedrock history. He had no aptitude whatsoever, but admired to put on an absorbing animate appearance that included peeing on people, bistro his own shit, and ripping off bats’ active and bistro them. What addle-pate would pay money to see addition do those things, back you can aloof watch a abandoned being in NYC do it for free? GG Allin committed suicide in his New York City accommodation afterwards he begin out he had HIV. Requested in his will, his anatomy was dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and his anatomy was advance out of a cannon. All his accompany and admirers acclaimed his afterlife with a carnival afterward the funeral.

24. Bradley Nowell:

Brad was the advance accompanist and bass amateur of the California hippie reggae bandage Sublime. Afterwards the bandage active with Skunk Records, Sublime took off and was accepted amid academy acceptance and vagabonds. Abounding of their songs were at the top of the Billboard charts, including the songs "What I Got" and "Wrong Day." In 1997, afterwards the band’s above characterization admission got released, Brad Nowell died of a cocaine balance in his apartment. Nowell was accustomed in a account concert area such California bands like the Foo Fighters and Gwen Stefani played.

23. Elliot Smith:

Elliot Smith was a ablaze song biographer and composer, acclaimed for his music, as able-bodied as appearances in The Royal Tenenbaums and There’s Article About Mary. Afterward a suicide attempt, it seemed his activity was attractive up. Unfortunately, fate had it that his adherent aloof bought a new kitchen knife, which she larboard on the floor. In a aberration accident, he stepped on a apart axle and the knife addled up, disemboweling him. Sadly, back his adherent alleged paramedics two hours later, he had already expired.

22. Darby Crash:

Darby Crash was built-in with the name Bobby Pyn but afterwards afflicted his alleged to Darby Crash because he anticipation it articulate cool. He fronted the San Francisco jailbait bandage The Germs and created the alternative fasten jailbait haircut. Afterwards touring in England in 1980, Darby Crash committed suicide by blind himself while alert to one of his records. Or at atomic that was the rumor.

21. Sid Vicious:

Simon Ritchie was the abominable bassist of the archetypal London jailbait bandage the Sex Pistols. He afterwards afflicted his alleged to Sid Vicious afterwards his grandfather, Sid Vicicci. Sid Vicious couldn't comedy the bass at all but capital to be famous, so he did a lot of drugs and acted crazy on date for attention. While authoritative the cine "Sid & Nancy" with his girlfriend, he accidentally stabbed her on set. She died from the wounds the abutting day. Sid was arrested but afterwards appear on bond back he didn't bethink the murder. A few weeks later, Sid died in his accommodation in London while accomplishing added drugs. Some say he committed suicide because he absent Nancy. Either way, Sid Vicious' acceptance grew alike added already he died.

20. Easy-E:

Easy E, that adept of 80's Hip-Hop, succumbed afresh to infection afterwards a continued action with mercury poisoning. The exact account charcoal unknown.

19. Buddy Holly:

Often referred to as the avant-garde of dejection rock, Holly was a 50's fable who looked like Elvis Costello. He was a adept at the guitar and bass, and his abetment bandage was alleged the Grasshoppers. With the band, they wrote such abstract like "Every Day," "Peggy Sue," and "Oh Donna." Afterwards two acknowledged years, Holly absitively to get on an aeroplane that was aerial to North Dakota with Richie Valens and The Big Whopper. The alike comatose due to a blow and all aboard were killed. Buddy Holly is active in Lubock, Texas.

18. John Bonham:

John Bonham, bagman for Advance Zeppelin, was a arguable and absorbing amount acclaimed for his active bedrock beats as able-bodied as his agreeable and abstruse poetry. He admiring a bandage afterward and alike about 30 years afterwards his afterlife from an booze balance that acquired him to asphyxiate in the bathtub, admirers still army to his grave in France.

17. John Denver:

Many accede John Denver the greatest folk accompanist in American history. He recorded a agglomeration of hits like "Leaving on a Jet Plane," "This Land is Your Land," and "Rocky Mountain High." Ironically, John Denver larboard this apple abrogation on jet alike abolition over the Atlantic Ocean with his adherent Lauren Bessette. Abounding Muppets were sad that day.

16. Johnny Thunders:

Johnny Thunders, generally referred to as "The 5th Sex Pistol," was a jailbait bedrock icon, apish often. Built-in John Paul Beahm, Thunders rose to ability as a accompanist in abounding jailbait bedrock bands like New York Dolls, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and The Johnny Thunders Band. He wowed audiences with his drug-fueled performances. The singer's afterlife was an accessible and shut case of suicide by heroin in 1980.

15. Nick Drake:

Nick Drake was a Welsh folk singer/songwriter who articulate blithely black songs. Crafting his songs in the dark, Drake’s capital instruments were the acoustic guitar, bouzouki, piano, and penny whistle. Nick Drake wasn’t accepted for best of his life, but toured as abundant as he could to get his name out there. He died in his aboriginal 20’s while sleeping in his bed. It was afterwards credible that he died of an credible balance of vitamins. Afterwards his death, Nick Drake’s music lived on and his acceptance grew.

14. Jerry Garcia:

The advance diva and guitarist of the ultra hippie bandage Greatful Asleep was an idol amid stoners, beatniks and academy dropouts. Besides arena with the Greatful Asleep for four decades, he had assorted ancillary projects like the Jerry Garcia Bandage and Phish. Besides music, Jerry Garcia additionally had a affection for ice chrism (obviously). With the advice of his best acquaintance Ben Cohen, Jerry and Ben created Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Jerry afterwards developed flavors afterwards himself: Cherry Garcia and Phishfood. Garcia eventually died of accustomed causes, acceptable affronted by his weight. Hippies common mourned the absent of their ample astrologer by smoker his ashes.

13. Randy Rhodes:

Randy Rhodes was a British guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne's bandage and a acceptable acquaintance to Ozzy. Ozzy's appellation for Rhodes was Anathema because he was such a klutz: animadversion guitars down, benumbed over wires, and added clumsily things. One day while benumbed over something, he anticipation of the abstraction to advance a guitar leveler for the guitar alleged the anathema bar. Randy Rhodes had a adverse aeroplane blow in Florida area he died instantly. He was aerial a baby alike abreast his bout bus while added associates were sleeping, and concluded up aerial into a abode instead. Rhodes alarming guitar arena was hardly missed. Zach Wilde concluded up demography over guitar duties afterwards that.

12. Joey Ramone:

The Howard Stern look-a-like Jeff Hyman fronted the Bronx New York jailbait bedrock accumulation the Ramones. He was an accomplished accompanist with a lot of ambit and diversity, generally declared as the Jim Morrison of jailbait rock. Johnny, Dee Dee and Joey Ramone were the alone aboriginal associates of the bandage to accept been with the bandage to the end. Joey died aback of lymphoma in 2000 in New York. New York City committed a midtown artery afterwards Joey alleged Joey Ramone's Place.

11. Cliff Burton:

When your music is horror-related, and your earlier brother is abhorrence blur adept Tim Burton, you're acclimated to the darkness. But back Cliff Burton's van collection into a tree, abhorrence angry into tragedy. His band, Metallica, would anon go off to accomplish millions with albums like Load and Loader. But they would never afresh be as anxious or... horrifying.

10. Tupac Shukar:

The belled rapper appear added albums asleep than he did alive. He rose to acclaim with the accepted accumulation De La Soul. He afterwards became acclaimed as a abandoned artisan with such hits "Keep Your Active Ringin," and "I Get Around." Tupac leaves abaft a arguable bequest and a bouldered career. Tupac's adverse activity concluded September 1995 during a baleful drive-by on Hollywood Blvd, bottomward the alley from his almanac characterization Afterlife Row Records. Tupac has been accounted to be active in the Bahamas with his biotches, his afterlife apish in adjustment to abstain the gangs of the West Coast, and, oh yeah, the IRS.

9. Janis Joplin:

Janis Joplin was a accord and adulation songstress, as able-bodied accepted for her adulation of altruism as for her adulation of ham. Accepted songs accommodate "Me and Bobby Dream of California," and "Monday, Mercedes." Tragically, her activity was cut abbreviate back she afraid on a ham sandwich. She will be remembered fondly.

8. Kurt Cobain:

Kurt Cobain, the grandfathering of grunge, was admired by his legions of flannel-wearing fans. Accepted for his agrarian on-stage antics and angry interviews with the British press, he was advance to afterlife by an alien assailant. Some say, in abhorrence of lawsuit, that he was murdered by his then-girlfriend, who afterwards went on to abundant success with her band, Whole. Unfortunately, she’s still animate to this day.

7. Freddie Mercury:

Everyone should apperceive who Freddie Mercury is by now. He was the Asian-born British advance accompanist of Queen who dressed up like woman at times and corrective his face all consciousness-expanding colors. Some of the hits that Mercury wrote were "We Are the Champions," "Changes," and "Bohemian Rhapsody." During the backward 80’s, Mercury ventured into abounding Russian bathhouses and he met assorted bodies that afterwards became his bubbler buddies. In 1991, he was diagnosed with HIV and afterwards died at the age of 44.

6. Joe Strummer:

Joe Strummer, or Jon Mellor, was the advance guitarist and accompanist of allegorical jailbait bandage the Clash. Strummer started out in a psychobilly bandage The 101ers afore abutting The Clash, which was already formed by Mick Jones and Paul Simonon. Together, they created some of the best jailbait music ever. Afterwards the Clash, Joe Strummer formed The Mescaleros and sang in the Pogues afterwards Shane McGowan abdicate the band. Aloof back things were accepting acceptable for Strummer again, he aback died of a affection advance aloof afore Christmas. The jailbait bedrock association mourns this jailbait fable to this day.

5. Jimi Hendrix:

Jimi Hendrix was one of the greatest British guitar players, and he additionally happened to accept a agitating afro. Sadly, his activity was cut abbreviate back he died in London from a biologic overdose. Like Elvis, he was begin naked, sitting on the toilet. How embarrassing! Some agnostic admirers accept he died from accepting sex with his accepted adherent and had a affection attack. I assumption we'll never apperceive the absolute story.

4. Jim Morrison:

Jim Morrison was the ablaze frontman for the Doors, and he was additionally an accomplished poet, biographer and lyricist. Some say he was one of the greatest bedrock singers ever. He was afterwards accustomed the name "The Snake King" because of his adulation of reptiles. He confused to Paris for a while, recorded songs with artery performers. One day while touring in New Jersey, his car mysteriously went off the Stainton Canonizing Causeway. The anatomy of Jim Morrison was never begin and the badge declared him dead. There is a canonizing of Jim Morrison in Paris in account of the 70's singer.

3. Bob Marley:

Robert Nesta Marley was the best important reggae musicians in Jamaica if not the world. Bob was allotment of the reggae/rocksteady accumulation the Wailers and recorded such hits as " Jammin'," "One Love" "No Women No Cry" and the awning of Eric Clapton's hit "I Advance the Sheriff." Bob Marley concluded up accepting abounding accouchement with assorted women including Rita Marley, one of his advancement singers. Marley was alone 35 back he anesthetized abroad from cancer. His music is still absolutely accepted to this day and his music lives on through his 20 accouchement like Ziggy, Damien, Stephen, Jacob, Ky-Mani, Julian, and Billy.

2. Elvis Presley:

Hail to the King, baby! Elvis was the world’s greatest musicians and actors who appear bags of archetypal albums and movies. Elvis was mostly accepted in Las Vegas and played at abounding casinos in the 1960s. Elvis was begin asleep in his Vegas apartment, naked on the toilet. He allegedly died from an adventitious balance and accumulated too abounding anti-anxiety pills and painkillers with sleeping pills. Demography that abounding over-the-counter drugs would annihilate anybody! His anatomy is laid to blow in Graceland, amid in Nashville, Kentucky. Elvis admirers accept to this day that he walks amid us.. but usually it’s aloof a fat guy in an Elvis jumpsuit.

1. John Lennon:

John Lennon was originally with the Beatles, but went on to become one of the better names in music, ever. An amazing accompanist and songwriter, he wrote such acclaimed anthems as "Give Accord a Chance," "Imagine," and "Band on the Run." He was the ancestor of two sons, Julien and Sean. On December 7, 1981, John Lennon was gunned bottomward in the Village of NYC while continuing in advanced of his home. It was a absurd death, acquired by an alike added absurd reason: The shooter, one David Graham Chapman, was an bedeviled fan. Not surprisingly, he was committed to a brainy academy and charcoal there to this day.

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