Saturday, 15 March 2008

Atlanta Tornado

Atlanta Tornado - A tornado has struck downtown Atlanta leaving extensive damage to a sporting complex and surrounding buildings. Injuries are reported although details at this hour are sketchy.

A college basketball game in the SEC Basketball Tournament was stopped as a result at the Georgia Dome. Two large holes were left in the roof by the tornado as refuse scattered over the court, players and fans. The scoreboard swayed dangerously back and forth. The game between Alabama and Mississippi State was suspended while in overtime. Read much more here.

Photos, video, and continuing news will be forthcoming as the news unfolds.

Update 11:25pm EST: At least 20 homes were flattened and lots of downed trees are being reported. Most of the damage is in south Coweta County near Atlanta. People are reportedly trapped in homes, buildings, and elevators.

What follows is a placeholder video which will be replaced when scenes from the Atlanta tornado are available.

Atlanta Tornado (Video)

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Atlanta Tornado

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