Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Lorenzo Lamas Daughter Shayne Lamas

Lorenzo Lamas Daughter Shayne Lamas - Shayne Lamas is one of the most memorable women from last night's premiere of The Bachelor. The petit blonde may be stunningly gorgeous but that's not why she's so unforgettable.

The 22-year-old is an aspiring actress, who also happens to be the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas - one of Hollywood's hottest actors.

Lorenzo, who plays hunky Hector Ramirez on The Bold and The Beautiful, has also starred in countless movies and has experience in directing and producing as well.

Meanwhile, Lorezno's daughter, Shayne, has also had a few small roles on television (she appeared on General Hospital as well as a few semi-successful movies) but has yet to make it big in Hollywood.

Shayne is competing to win the heart of Matt Grant, but her appearance on the show has many wondering whether this aspiring star is guilty of cruel intentions.

Is the beauty on the show to find love - or to find her ticket to Hollywood?

Are Shayne's intentions sincere?

Guess we'll have to tune in and see.

Do you think Shayne is on the show for love - or fame?

And that's on beautiful Lorenzo Lamas Daughter Shayne Lamas.

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