Thursday, 6 March 2008

Patrick Swayze Has Pancreatic Cancer

Patrick Swayze has Pancreatic Cancer - Patrick Swayze representatives tried to clear things Wednesday after several reports published tabloid claiming the actor has just five weeks to live.The story broke in the National Enquirer. The magazine said tabloid Swayze was diagnosed pancreatic cancer in the final stage by more than a month earlier.

The story says that the pancreatic cancer is reproduced with other institutions, and the 55-year-old actor was traveling at the University of Stanford's Cancer Center in Palo Alto, radical chemotherapy.

The Enquirer Swayze also said that doctors are no longer optimistic that the treatment succeeds.

The pancreatic cancer is one of the worst forms of cancer diagnosed, with an oncologist at the USC Norris Cancer Center.

"It is regrettable that patients with pancreatic cancer are usually not because they do not have the disease, the symptoms of their illness. Due to the aggression that the illness of the patients at an advanced stage," said Dr. Iqbal Sylma, USC Norris Cancer Center.

Swayze doctor has recognized that the actor has been associated with cancer of the pancreas.

"Patrick has very little of the disease, and it seems to be a response to a treatment for this day. All reports from the date of the forecast and the physical side effects that is absolutely wrong. We are much more optimistic," said Dr. George Fisher.

Patrick Swayze representatives released a statement Wednesday:

"Actor Patrick Swayze has been linked to cancer of the pancreas and is currently in progress. Patrick its normal schedule during this time was also working on the projects to come. Momentum support and concern that was already in the public is strongly influenced by Patrick and his family. “

Swayze is best known for his role as a dance instructor Johnny Castle against Jennifer Grey's character loves young Frances "Baby" Houseman, 1987 in the musical film "Dirty Dancing".

Swayze, the song "She's like the Wind" for the soundtrack of the film and its signature line, "No one is Baby in the corner", has become a foundation of pop culture.

Swayze also the main role at the side of Demi Moore in 1990 romance "Ghost", which is also a success for film and was nominated for the Academy Award for best film.

Patrick Swayze has started at a young age and started in show business as a dancer on stage and before landing film and TV roles in Hollywood.

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