Thursday, 6 March 2008

Auburn Freshman Lauren Burk Found Dead

Auburn Freshman Lauren Burk Found Dead - Auburn University freshman Lauren Burk was found gunshot to decease in her burned out car close to the college campus on Tuesday. She was confirmed deceased at the East Alabama Medical Center as of a gunshot injury.

Lauren Burk was an 18-year-old freshman from Marietta, Georgia.

Authorities were alerted to a vehicle flames in a while thereafter; at about 9:27 p.m. in the Hinton Field parking lot, and learned the car belonged to Lauren Burk. The vehicle, a 2001 black Honda Civic, was found burned and grief-stricken near campus, according to MyFOXAL.

The murderer likely set Lauren Burk car on fire, with her inside it, after killing her. This case is an extraordinary and distinctive one because if involves a young college student and happened next to the campus.

The conditions of her death, including the devastated car, are strange, and might be analytical to somewhat a bit more unusual than accidental violence.

That's latest on unusual case of Auburn Freshman Lauren Burk Found Dead

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