Thursday, 24 January 2008

Dana Jacobson Roasts Jesus

ESPN has temporarily suspended sports announcer Dana Jacobson for a harangue during the roast of two wireless personalities, one of them a competitor because he went to the University of Notre Dame and she went to the University of Michigan. But instead of roasting simply her colleagues, she too reportedly went after Jesus. Did she go an amiable sports competition overly far?

Though ESPN won't affirm Jacobson's reported week lengthy hiatus, the web did affirm that her remarks were improper. Those remarks were delivered during a Jan. 11 roast for ESPN Radio personalities Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic. Jacobson has frequently traded punches with Golic, an onetime Irish apologetic lineman. That night, she delivered a wallop.

Dropping the F-bomb three times, she reportedly slandered Notre Dame, the image painted behind their finish posts dubbed "Touchdown Jesus" and eventually Jesus himself. Jacobson would surely not be the best video personality to get after Jesus. Just last year, comic Kathy Griffin gave a quite unorthodox approval address when collecting her Emmy for "My Life on the D-List," a world display on the Bravo line.

"A plenty of folk go upward here and thank Jesus for this prize. I seek you to recognize that no one had little to make with this prize than Jesus," Griffin said, brandishing her prize. Aiming another vulgar comment toward Jesus she added: "This prize is my god now. " Though her address was reduce from the program and many Christians cried nasty, Griffin refused to atone. She subsequently worked the consequential brouhaha into her comedy procedure at the Chicago Theater. "I hope I offended some folk," she said at the moment. "I didn't need to gain the Emmy for nothing. " Jacobson was reportedly much contrite. She repented the succeeding day, personally apologizing to both Greenberg and Golic.

Jacobson clearly feels apologetic about her Wolverines. After all, who can leave last declines humbling defeat of Michigan by Appalachian State University? But enough about my southwestern North Carolina alma mater. What do you believe? Jacobson works for a sports line, and sports rivalries can have heated. Should she get restrained herself? Or when you're upward against a spiritual foundation, is their principal supporter impartial game?

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