Thursday, 24 January 2008

Heath Ledger Anxious About Matilda At Xmas - Gemma Ward

AT Christmas Heath Ledger swore away alcohol amid a round of anxiety caused by being incapable to view his girl, according to the baby of supermodel Gemma Ward, with whom he was reportedly romantically linked.

But the Perth example Sophie Ward said she did not think he had a trouble with drugs. She said Ledger, who was establish asleep in New York yesterday after a suspected sleeping tablet overdose, did not drink any alcohol during several nights away in Perth. "He was spotless and wasn't drinking any alcohol or taking drugs," Ms Ward told The West Australian paper. "He smoked cigarettes, but that's about it. He was drinking diet Coke when we were jointly and he said he was really committed to not drinking alcohol.

"I don't think he took his own living intentionally." But Ms Ward said Ledger was troubled about his schism with Michelle Williams and being off from his two-year-old girl, Matilda. "We went to the movies and just did natural material. but he was a piece jittery. He couldn't truly loosen," Ms Ward said." He said he was going to London but was rather disturb because he couldn't view his girl as often as he'd like to. "He was travelling then often and I believe he was just frustrated with it all."

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