Friday, 21 March 2008

Fire Elk

Fire Elk - If it feels like Easter is coming early, it's probably because it is.

Falling on March 23, Easter comes earlier this year than it has in nearly 100 years.

The earliest day Easter can fall on is March 22, while the latest is April 25.

The last time Easter - a Christian holiday which observes the death of Jesus Christ on the cross and his subsequent resurrection three days later - fell on March 23 was in 1913 and it will be more than 150 years before it comes this early in the year again.

The next time Easter falls on March 23 will be in 2160. Easter falls on the Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox.


Mounties have charged a second man in last month's arson of Frog Lake First Nation's office, about 271 km northeast of Edmonton.

Cpl. Brad Lazicki with Elk Point RCMP declined to release the man's name yesterday. Police had already charged a 22-year-old man following the Feb. 25 blaze that levelled the building.

Mounties were notified of the fire around 8 a.m. Fire crews from Frog Lake and Elk Point battled the fire but failed to save the building.

On Feb. 29, police charged Ronald James Stanley with arson and break and enter.


CALGARY -- An ammonia leak at a Calgary building yesterday forced the evacuation of more than 75 people, including three women taken to hospital.

Reports suggest a maintenance person accidentally caused a small discharge of ammonia gas while working.

Firefighters said three women in their 30s and 40s were taken to hospital in stable condition.

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Fire Elk

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