Friday, 21 March 2008

Man Sells His Life on eBay

Man Sells His Life on eBay - We've All Thought About Starting Over Completely. Meet a Man Who Is Trying to Sell It All When Ian Usher realized he needed a fresh start, he put his entire life up for sale on eBay, from his toys to his toilet paper.

At first glance, the 44-year-old Australian who sky-dives, snowboards and rides motorbikes in his free time might seem to have a great life. But in fact he says he no longer wants it.

"The initial trigger for it was, unfortunately, the breakup of my marriage," he said.

After his five-year marriage ended two years ago, Usher decided the best way to patch up his broken heart was to pitch all his stuff and start over. In June, he's auctioning everything off on eBay.

He's currently planning to list his house, his hot tub, his clothes, his big-screen TV and his beat-up car. Usher says you can even get his friends and their dogs -- apparently, they'll be nice to you if you win.

People have bought all sorts of interesting items on eBay before: Toast with the image of the Virgin Mary burned on it went for $28,000; a sock worn by a paparazzo when he was run over by Britney Spears went for $600.

Usher thinks his life could go for up to $500,000. His ex-wife thinks he has gone mad.

"One of the phrases she used was it sounds 'a bit mental,'" he said.

Usher says he's not looking back though and is just thinking about his next big adventure.

"I plan to go to the airport, show up and see what plane has a seat available on it," he said.

Click here to visit Ian Usher's auction site.

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